Movierulz Not Working!? Everything You Need to Know

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Looking for the latest news about Movierulz? You are at the right place. In this article, we are going to share with you all you need to know about Movierulz and its current status. Stay with us till the end to learn everything about this amazing Tamil & Telugu movies website. 

Movierulz – Best Website for Downloading Tamil & Telugu Movies 

When we talk about the best websites for downloading Tamil & Telugu Movies, Movierulz is a name that always comes at the top of the list. This site offers a huge collection of Tamil, Telugu, Hollywood and Bollywood movies that the users can download from here for free.

This site is popular because of its easy to use UI design and the fact that there are no ads here. There are some redirects that occur sometimes, but that doesn’t happen always. With this site, the users can download their favourite movies in multiple qualities. Depending on their personal preference. We like this site because of the massive collection of movies that it has to offer.           

Movierulz Current Status 

As of now, the official site is not operational anymore. This site doesn’t work and has supposedly been shifted to a new domain. These are just rumours. We believe the official site to be shut down because of copyrights issues. The site is not accessible anymore and has been taken down possible because of copyrights violation issues. 

Movierulz has all the latest released for popular Tamil and Telugu movies but the site hosted pirated content. This is what became the reason behind the shutting down of this site. Currently, Movierulz is not working and is taken down for an indefinite amount of time.  

Why Did Movierulz shut down?

There are rumours going on that the site was taken down because of copyrights violation issues. And considering Google’s strict for pirated content, the explanation seems the most plausible. Of course, there could be other reasons, but this seems the most plausible. Sites like kiss movie and movierulz have been subjected to this takedown in the past as well. 

It could also be because of the fact that the site just reached its age. The owners just didn’t want to continue with the project anymore, which got the site to shut down for the users.

Movierulz Clone Sites 

Although the official movie rulz is dead, there are a lot of clone sites for it that you can check out. Sites like 3movierulz and are the most popular clones of the official Movierulz sites online. Kissmovie is also a great alternative that you can visit. These sites have almost the same user interface and navigation features which gives you the same feel as the official site. 

Going to these sites is your only option. These sites have a huge collection of Tamil & Telugu movies. You can even find Hollywood and Bollywood movies on these sites. There are many other clone sites as well. 

Is Movierulz Coming Back?

We are not sure whether Movierulz is coming back or not. We have no confirmation from any of our official sources. So, it is safe to assume that the site won’t be coming back any time soon. You need to look for possible alternatives that you can use to download the movies instead. You can visit WPE PRO to learn more about this site and its clone platforms. 

The bottom line is, there is no telling when Movierulz is going to make a comeback. Although we are hoping that it happens soon.

Movierulz Alternative Sites 

As we are waiting for Movierulz to make a comeback, it wouldn’t hurt to look at other options. These are a lot of great options for streaming and downloading Tamil movies out there, that you can check out. 

Here are some of the sites that we recommend: 

  • 1337x
  • ThePirateBat
  • 4Movierulz Plz
  • WorldFree4U
  • HD Movies Point 
  • GoMovies 

You can visit these sites if you feel like it. You can also find the latest dubbed Tamil movies on YouTube as well. But you won’t find most of these movies in HD quality there. 4Movierulz is highly recommended for a great user experience.  

Final Words 

Movierulz was one of kind and the way this site served its users, it is hard to find a site that can match that level of quality of services. With this site, the users were able to download Hollywood, Bollywood as well as Tamil movies with ease. But now that this site is not available anymore, you have no other option but to use the clone sites or other alternatives that are out there. 

Movierulz is not working as of now. And there is no news about the official site ever coming back. Still, we are hopeful that the site might get up and running again.        


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