Best guide to learn How Amazon Prime is Used


Amazon Prime provides a wide range of services. While online shopping is a popular feature, members can buy $100 a year for services like two-day shipment, video streaming, music streaming, photo service, food supply and additional benefits.

Free shipping

If you shop online, Amazon Prime offers free shipping in 2 days. Standard shipping of Amazon (AMZN) can be 4 to 5 days. Many products are eligible for two days, but exceptions exist. For instance, an item ordered via the marketplace section of Amazon cannot be shipped free of charge.

Standard shipping, release date shipping and no-rush shipping are also available free of charge for Prime Members. If Prime Members choose no rush shipping, they will receive credit in exchange for a future purchase as they opt out of the two-day shipping promising.

Streaming of Video

You can watch movies and popular TV shows with Prime Instant Video, including original exclusive shows for Prime members. There are also some current movies available.

Amazon Prime offers some free titles and you can rent or buy movies. You can also use the Amazon Prime app to access your videos on those devices if you have a smart TV or game console.

Prime Music

According to Amazon, Prime Music offers hundreds of prime playlists with ad-free access to more than one million songs for members in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. You can also take your own music to create a personalized playlist and mix it with Prime Music. Are you looking for a specific album or artist? You can find and listen to full albums or a particular song with the search feature.

Prime photos.

If you have an extensive photo library and want some extra security, Prime Photos have cloud storage for your photos. In addition, Cloud Drive can add any videos you want to upload. You can access Prime Photos via the Web, a mobile device or from a computer desktop application. For the period of your Prime membership, Amazon provides unlimited cloud storage. If you decide to cancel Prime, you are locked in the corresponding storage limit of your Amazon account.

Prime Pantry

While the need for your routine food store trip cannot be removed, Prime Pantry offers an alternative to traditional food shopping. Food orders, snacks, drinks, home cleaning products, baby care products, pet care and more. You can also buy personal care products, such as haircare and hand soap. You can add up to 45 livres and pay a flat fee of $5.99 per cupboard box.

Further benefits

Amazon Prime also offers college students discounts. Amazon Student offers free shipping for two days for the majority of items and half the membership fee for Amazon Prime. If you own a Kindle device, you can borrow each calendar month from the Kindle Owner’s loan library. There is a monthly limit to borrow just one book a month, but no due date is set. You can keep the book as long as you are a member of Amazon Prime.

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