Furniture Moving: Some Tips and Techniques #FurnitureMoving

Furniture Moving

In my humble opinion, your furniture is an extension of your personality. Since you carry your persona with grace, it’s imperative that you move your furniture with grace and care as well. Kudos to Albert Einstein for this gem of a quote: “A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit, and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?”

So, I presume that Einstein took his furniture very seriously, and ‘moving the furniture correctly, safely, and gracefully would have been one of his top priorities. And it should be for all of us as well. First and foremost, we don’t want to hurt ourselves while moving heavy cabinets, tables, shelves, beds, and couches. Secondly, we won’t be able to endure the visual displeasure of witnessing a broken shelf, a torn couch, a creaked chair, or an imbalanced dining table.

I feel that before moving furniture to a different place, we should try to rekindle our emotional bond with it. That, I believe, would make us double-cautious, and make furniture moving an enjoyable experience. Of course, office movers are just a phone call away, but there are some things which we can do on our own. Let me clarify that I’m not trying to push things down your throat. It’s just a bunch of suggestions based on personal experience. So, let’s begin.

Plan it out, and work to your plan

Furniture moving should begin with a plan. Once that’s in shape, then it will be easy for you, me, or anyone else to move the furniture accordingly. Why I’m stressing upon a plan is because it’ll help you in keeping a track of your inventory, and segregating heavy furniture from the lighter one. Now this can really work wonders as you’ll be able to focus on moving a particular set of furniture at a time. Don’t forget that you have to optimize your costs as well.

The other way a furniture moving plan can help you is that it will also help you identify the equipment and tools that are designed especially for moving the furniture from one place to another. Suppose I make a furniture moving plan, then I would make ‘internet research an integral part of it. It will help me make informed decisions.

Categorize your inventories as ‘heavy’ and ‘light’

To be honest, I was, and still am, deeply connected to my dining table. And I wanted to give it a special treatment. But that was an epiphany of sorts and it coaxed me into treating all my furniture with equal respect. Hence, my inventory list!

That’s what I did when I moved my furniture to my new apartment. I categorized my furniture into heavy, and light. So, I knew exactly how many pieces of furniture I have to move. I advise that a ‘heavy’ and ‘light’ segregation of furniture really serves the purpose. Your desks, shelves, cabinets, beds, and tables will be safely and gracefully transported through this way.

Keep in mind that you may want to lift and carry some furniture yourself, and when you know exactly what’s heavy and what’s light, it guarantees a smooth sail. Good heavens, you don’t want ‘safe furniture movement’ at your body’s expense. When I moved my furniture, I sought the help of a friend. No one stops you from doing the same.

Get some furniture moving tools and equipment

Furniture moving tools include moving blankets, plastic wraps, sliders, and furniture dollies. While they’re all available at retail outlets, you can get really good deals and discounts by shopping for them online. Moving blankets can protect the edges of desks, chairs, and tables, while plastic wraps safeguard the entire furniture texture during movements. With wraps, heavy furniture can be carried and moved with utmost ease. Both moving blankets and plastic wraps should be on your ‘haves’ list when you make a piece of furniture moving itinerary.

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Talking of sliders, I think they work wonders when the furniture has to be moved on different types of floors. Made of foam, or rubber, sliders are pads that can be placed underneath the legs of heavy furniture pieces such as tables, cabinets, and even beds. Furniture dollies, on the other hand, are moving platforms fitted with wheels. You can put a heavy furniture piece on top and push it across the space.

It’s a good idea to dismantle some stuff

I thank the furniture manuals for this. Incredibly, dismantling whatever you can with ease helps a lot in moving furniture. It saves a lot of blemishes on your body and the furniture’s texture as well. It’s a good idea to unbolt the drawers, unscrew the doorknobs, and separate the cushions from the couches. Graceful movement necessitates comfort, and that comes when you feel at ease while moving your furniture.

Lift well, Stay well

Take it with a pinch of salt; you might be strong but you’re equally sane. Ergonomics Furniture moving is not a weightlifting drill, it’s only a form of self-reliance. I suggest that you don’t overstrain your body while moving furniture. I hope you know how important your back is! That’s why heavyweight wrestlers use their arms and legs more than their backs. Couldn’t you do the same?

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Let me assure you that moving furniture on your own would require a lot of meanderings through stairways, hallways, and rooms. When you balance the weight properly on your arms and legs, you’ll be able to do it with ease. Gracefully speaking, it’s gratifying to have moved a couch, sofa, or a chestnut drawer unharmed, and unhindered!


Furniture moving can be a great experience if you move according to a well-devised plan. You just need to be very sure of what you can do on your own and whatnot. So, do whatever you can with comfort. You may leave the rest to an office removalist.


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