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There is often a problem like expensive shipping. Especially if we are sending items from a distant city or other country. The price of the desired item almost doubles as it is contributed by huge shipping costs. In this article, we will discuss the cheapest way to send.

Shipping times to Europe

Europe is a large and sprawling continent, so shipping times can vary depending on which country you’re shipping to. However, due to Europe’s excellent transport links, if you book an express courier service you can ship to Europe from the USA in as little as 1-3 business days. Therefore, in order to send goods from certain countries, always calculate in the spreadsheet how much your parcel will cost according to its weight.

Shipping to Europe 

For example when you send a package to Europe from the US you will need to complete a customs declaration giving a detailed description of the items you’re shipping. You must complete this declaration with the exact details of the parcel and your personal information.

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Although Europe has excellent transport links, the shipping time will largely depend on the destination country. With expedited courier services, a package can arrive in 1-3 business days from the USA. It may take anywhere between 10-16 business days when sending parcels with economy delivery services.

Cheapest Way to Ship from the USA

An eCommerce merchant in the USA shipping packages to customers in Europe needs to ensure they offer the most affordable options to remain competitive.

Using a shipping rate calculator provides an efficient overview of the rates charged by different couriers and third-party agents, assisting in finding the cheapest way to ship from the USA.

Make sure to take time comparing different services offered by the various shipping companies, as well as the shipping times attached to each service.

Also, don’t forget to compare other value-added services like free weekend deliveries, free packing, free drop-off, package tracking, and any other essential options offered that will streamline your experience.

It is important to know

To download a particular item from another country, do an item analysis:

  • Find the product you want from a reliable source
  • Find out from which city / country the goods will be sent and in what way (courier, ship, etc.)
  • Find out the weight and size of the item
  • In the shipment calculator, calculate how much the shipment will cost you (according to the size of the goods, weight and from which countries you have chosen)
  • See how many days it will take to wait for the item
  • After this analysis, make a payment and order

In conclusion

In this section we have discussed where the cheapest way to send parcels is. The most important thing is to choose a shipping company that will deliver the shipment to you quickly and without high charges.

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