Workplace Culture That Boosts Employee Productivity and Morale

Employee Productivity

COVID-19 has been one of the toughest crises in modern history. The pandemic has forced many economies all over the world to grind to a halt. With the vast majority of employees working remotely, we have seen a boost in internet subscriptions to services like Optimum internet deals. However, humans are social animals. No matter how much we enjoy the comfort of our homes, at some point, we will have to adapt to the new normal and return to work. But amid all the doom and gloom, how to businesses keep their employee morale high and boost productivity? That is what this blog explores in detail.

5 Workplace Culture Trends to Boost Productivity and Morale

Coming into the new normal after COVID-19, people need all the positivity they can get. The workplace is where you likely spend the majority of your time. That means above all other places, your workplace must be a positive space. One that puts workers in a comfortable state of mind, and is conducive to innovation and productivity. It is no secret that a hostile, depressing, or generally negative workplace environment saps employee motivation. The less motivated your employees are, the less productive they are likely to be. That is why it is so important for managers and employers to look into these 5 work culture trends in 2020:

  1. Turning the Office into a Home Away from Home
  2. Including Natural Elements to Create a More Relaxing Workplace  
  3. Offering Amenities to Build Team Cohesion and Allow Healthy Breaks
  4. Using Bold and Creative Elements in Workplace Design
  5. Creating a Friendly and Inclusive Environment

Let’s take a closer look at these work culture trends below.

Turning the Office into a Home Away from Home

Human beings tend to perform poorly at tasks when they aren’t comfortable. More importantly, happy employees tend to contribute more to productivity than normal ones. When employees are offered a welcoming environment where they feel secure, valued, and comfortable, they are motivated to do well and meet their responsibilities. For employers, this is a win-win, as motivated workers will help managers achieve their targets more efficiently. This will ultimately drive business revenue and growth.

Including Natural Elements to Create a More Relaxing Workplace  

Compare a sterile surgical room to an open green space like a public park. Which one appeals more to you? The park, right? Humans respond better to spaces that include natural elements such as plants. In fact, just being able to see things like grass, trees, or even the skyline can have a positive impact on mental health. That is why it is so important for modern businesses to move away from conventional office design to spaces that appear open and green. Glass walls, indoor plants, skylights, and balconies can all help to create a more soothing environment than a sterile office space.

Offering Amenities to Build Team Cohesion and Allow Healthy Breaks

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” may be an old English idiom, but it has a basis in reality. Human beings are not machines or robots. They can’t work every second of the day executing repetitive tasks. After extensive work, your employees will likely need a short break to blow off some steam and relax. Unfortunately, too many workplaces have limited office space covered completely with cubicles and office equipment. This usually means lower worker morale, and can often create resentment among your workforce. However, simple things like adding a ping-pong or pool table, or even just a dartboard can go a long way to helping employees bond with each other and take a healthy break from a boring office space.  

Using Bold and Creative Elements in Workplace Design

Speaking of boring office spaces, nothing is as depressing as drab office colors. If your office is a dull slate-grey or pale green or any other boring color, you can bet it has an impact on your employees. Consider working with a professional interior decorator to include quirky new elements into different parts of your workplace. For example, you could include a graffiti-like mural on the employee rec room. Or you could make use of bolder colors and interesting shapes to add more vibrance to the office. Ultimately, these colors will trigger positive psychological responses, boosting morale.   

Creating a Friendly and Inclusive Environment                         

Ultimately, the best thing you can do to motivate your workers and make them more productive is to offer them a friendly and inclusive environment. The modern worker expects a workplace free of discrimination, racial bias, harassment, and hostility. The absence of these things makes you look like a more appealing employer. Their presence in the workplace, however, will inevitably lead to friction and conflict, and even cause employees to quit in frustration.

Another aspect you can focus on is to offer the flexibility to work from home. We have all managed to stay productive while working remotely, one way or another. Thanks to better video conferencing tools and better workflow management, your remote employees can stay just as productive from home as from the office. Younger workers, particularly millennials, give a lot of importance to their work-life balance. This will help motivate them to be more productive and efficient.


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