Impressive Ideas for Men’s Cocktail Attire

Cocktail Attire for Men

People think men just like dressing up in flannel checked shirts and drink beer while watching the latest NFL game on TV. However, as no doubt Spectrum Waco TX would tell you, men have surprisingly diverse tastes, and not just in the entertainment they consume. I know several males who fit the convention of the rough and tough lumberjack, but they feel equally comfortable in a smart tux sipping cocktails while listening to classical music.

The idea that men don’t need to put effort into their wardrobe is not just outdated, it is sexist. The modern man needs to dress for every occasion, depending on what the occasion is. This blog discusses what options you can try if the occasion is a fancy cocktail party. Read on to find out more.

Idea #1: The Grey Gentleman

Nothing screams class on a man as loudly as a muted grey suit. You might be tempted to go for the safe option and get a classic black suit or tuxedo. But a slate grey or charcoal grey suit can be one of the most refined statements you can make. Especially at a cocktail party where you may be rubbing shoulders with big shots, looking to make professional or personal connections. Your grey suit makes you stand out of the sea of monochromatic blacks and whites. But at the same time, it doesn’t look like you’re making an effort, helping you look refined and classy effortlessly.   

Idea #2: The Midnight Blue Marauder

Sometimes, cocktail parties call for more adventurous attire that makes a statement as soon as you enter the party. A midnight blue suit may not be the best choice for a morning at the bank, but for certain cocktail parties, it may be just the thing you need, especially if you’re looking to attract interest. Midnight blue is a deep calming color that is almost sensual in appearance. Pair it with a brilliant white shirt and a bright tie for the best look at the event.   

Idea #3: Suave in a Striped Suit

Striped suits are sophisticated, there are no two ways about it. Popular in the early fifties and sixties, nearly every Mafia movie features gangsters in sharp striped suits and perfectly-placed fedoras over carefully combed hair. This is actually a classic look that you can emulate even today, especially since men’s fashion is becoming very accepting of older iconic dressing styles. You may even choose to do away with the fedora, and that’s okay. Be sure to wear a striped shirt with a plain collar that goes well with the rest of the attire. A cocktail in one hand, a cigar in the other, and you might as well be straight out of a Martin Scorcese movie.     

Idea #4: Carefully Casual

Stuffy suits not your cup of tea? Can’t be bothered to get your best tuxedo drycleaned for a sudden office cocktail shindig? What if I told you don’t have to always dress up in tailored suits, dress shirts, and trousers for a cocktail party. You can pull off a casual look quite easily, provided you plan it carefully. The idea is to look refined and at ease, without coming across as lazy or untidy. Just throw on a striped shirt, preferably blue and white, over a clean pair of well-fitting jeans. A blazer or dinner jacket, paired with a bright pocket square, round off the look nicely. The look implies you’re a laid-back guy, but you know how to rock jeans at a fancy party. Nothing appears sexier for many people.      

These 4 cocktail party attire ideas can work with just about all body types and skin tones. But don’t just focus on the dressing itself. Groom your hair and beard before you present yourself in public. A trip to the barber’s for a fresh trim should help get you ready. Add some good-quality product in your hair, smoothen and comb out your beard, add an elegant watch, and maybe a pair of cufflinks for the best effect.

Try these out and let us know how they worked out for you.   


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