Concentrate Packaging 6 mistakes you are making without even realizing it


Concentrate packaging is a fascinating packaging type that many businesses use to packages their delicate cannabis products. Most of these packages are manufactured with cardboard stock. Some brands use corrugated and Kraft stocks for manufacturing these packages. Different types of customizations are available in this regard that can help you boost their aesthetics. Mistakes that many brands do not even know while designing and manufacturing are many more than you think. In some cases, it is negligence, and in most cases, people do not even know. So, we will show you the most common errors among them you should avoid about these packages. 

False representation

False representation is among the adverse mistakes in the design of the concentrate boxes. This packaging has to be connected with the product going to be there inside. Brands print the picture of the cannabis plant or another one on these boxes to make the connection. But, some people have a negative image of the cannabis plant due to its link with marijuana. It can make a false impression on the customers without you knowing it.

Then comes the color scheme of the packaging. Some brands use patterns and glowing themes with contrast. This color scheme may work for an electronic gadget. However, it is not suitable for the CBD concentrates. It makes gives an ambiguous statement that the item might not be what they are looking for. Customers do not have much time to see the details. They just overlook the product and move to the next one. It can impact the business negatively in terms of sales. That is a significant cause why you have to focus on representing the product effectively through the packaging. 

Incomplete information

Incomplete information is as bad as not providing any detail through these packages. Many brands do not even know that they are providing incomplete information on the packaging. Let us talk about the product details firstly. Manufacturing and expiry details must be there. Some brands leave the packaging with only manufacturing or just an expiry date. Both of these details are vital. Cautions and warnings are also inevitable. People need this information about the product so they can make their buying decision. Then comes the mistake in branding details. Some businesses do not print their logo or name on the packaging, considering it obvious. Both of these elements must be there as only the name or logo is not enough. Another thing in this regard is the selection of poor typography style. It can impact the reputation of the brand quite negatively.

Inappropriate size and style

Size and style have vital significance when it comes to concentrate packaging. Many businesses try to be unique and make these packages larger than the required size. Some brands make them compact and reduce their size up to the limit that does not look good. Both of these extremes are not suitable in this regard. The size of these boxes must be suitable for the product size going to be there inside. If you want to place an insert or holder, then enhancing the size is justifiable. The same is the case when it comes to the style of the packaging. It must be connected with the product going to be there inside. This thing is inevitable for you to select the unpopular style in your industry. Some brands do the opposite, and their items are not easy to recognize among the other same-looking packages. 

Poor looking visuals

If the graphics on the packaging do not match each other, overall visuals will look poor. It is a significant fault in many packages that businesses overlook. Considering all the graphical elements is essential for you. It becomes inevitable to make a significant impact on the customers. If the color scheme does not match the illustrations and artworks, the overall visuals will not be pleasing. It is the reason why you have to focus on this vital thing. Ignoring this fault can leave you with poor-looking packages. Try to use images that match the product persona and also the color scheme and the artwork. It is how you can overcome this problem and have great-looking packages. Try to avoid this mistake as it is the main thing connected with the visuals of your box. 

Poor quality

Poor quality of custom concentrate boxes is among the adverse things that can impact your reputation. It is a mistake that some brands know and some brands don’t know but still make it. Some businesses have budget constraints while others don’t care about it. In both cases, it can impact negatively on your brand. If the packaging has poor standards, people will form a bad perception of the product. This thing also impacts the perception of the brand. The most common mistake in this regard is the poor standard of the cardboard sheet businesses mostly choose. Another fault is in their finishing that many companies do not focus on. This thing is not acceptable by the customers in many cases. So, avoid using poor quality.

Inconvenient packaging 

Some brands use various types of packages that are not convenient to carry and unbox. People need convenience in everything. If you cannot provide them convenience, they will not return to you. Let us talk about how some packages do not give a great unboxing experience. Poor lid style is a common problem. The difference in the size of tuck ends can be a big cause. People don’t like packages that are not easy to open. The same is the case with boxes that are not easy to carry. So, concentrating on both of these things is inevitable for you. Wholesale boxes is inevitable for the success of every cannabis product manufacturer. Some brands find it difficult to design these packages and make mistakes in their design and manufacturing. We have shown some worst mistakes that you need to avoid to have great-looking packaging. 


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