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CEH training in Middle East

The term hacker in society has a hint of mystery and inaccessibility. Being a hacker is a fact hidden from the public. The notion of hackers has changed its interpretations, so understandings of this term vary from year to year as well as from person to person. It is difficult to find a unique definition of a hacker, even the hackers themselves will give different answers to the question: Who is a hacker? Hackers are getting younger, and their actions are getting bolder. Question Privacy and big data is a topic that hackers are increasingly delving into, sometimes in good, and sometimes in evil intentions.

In the twenty-first century, there is a growing awareness of the cloud computing certification in Dubai, but opinions about them are different. This paper provides answers to questions such as: Are hackers exclusively persons who commit criminal acts or there are also hackers of good intentions? Are there different types of hackers? How are they different? What encourages them? What do they stand for?

Given that there are hackers of evil intent on defining problems in protection which facilitate hacker attacks and list ways of protection. Hacking ventures are not uncommon edge of morally acceptable action.

The Beginnings of Hacking

Hacking in the 20th and 21st centuries is based on computers and programming, and computers were created mainly for computational purposes. Most hacker attacks take place primarily using computers and because of the data stored on computers. Knowledge and skills programming greatly facilitates hacker attacks, hence computers and programming, they represent the two foundations around which the hacking of the information age revolves.

In order to better understand the origin and development of hackers, it is important to present the development ideas of modern computers and the first programmers, as well as the realization of that idea. Strong interest, desire for progress and discovery, knowledge, skill and ability are the characteristics of people who are created the first computers. The same characteristics adorn hackers of the 20th and 21st centuries. The founders of the first computer aids, computers, programming share the same passions with hackers, so it is not on waste to show how inventions and inventors have evolved.

Role of CEH Training

CEH training in Middle East is becoming more and more popular, no matter how many skills are acquired required for hacking. After passing the training, he gets internationally recognized Certified Ethical Hacker certificate, and participants sign a contract committing how will not abuse the knowledge gained in the training. They commit to ethical use acquired knowledge as well as for compensation of damage if they cause it.

The ethics of hackers consists of a desire for the freedom of all information that allows the detection and correction of errors. Open systems allow exchange of information and equipment, while bureaucracy often hampers such interaction. Ethical hackers often hack to point out security bugs. The reasons for hacking are increasingly becoming financial, while before their most common reason was the creation of misdeeds or the acquisition of knowledge.


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