Documents For Applying Turkey Visa For Bhutan And Cambodia Citizens

Turkey Visa

When traveling to Turkey, the first step is acquiring the correct documents. If you are from either country, you should be sure to bring the following with you: passport, personal details and contact information. Once you have all these details, you can now apply online for a visa to Turkey. You will need an email Id, credit card, or Paypal account in order to process your application.


When applying for Turkey Visa for Cambodia Citizens should have their local passport as proof of citizenship. They should also have a valid tourist visa that is valid for six months. The application can be processed at a local embassy or via a private provider. They should also be able to make payment through credit card, debit card, PayPal or other online payment sites.

Citizens of Bhutan and Cambodia must apply for a visa to visit Myanmar. In addition to a valid passport, applicants should also submit a passport sized photo, a driver’s license, and proof of travel. If you’re travelling with children, you may also need to submit other items.

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When applying for a Turkey visa for a Bhutanese citizen, it’s important to keep a few documents on hand. Those documents include your passport, two unused entry stamp pages, and proof of citizenship. You must also have a valid email address.

Once you have these documents, you can apply for a visa to Turkey. The application process is easy and convenient. It takes only a few minutes online, and you do not need to go to a Turkish embassy or consulate. The visa is valid for 180 days from the date of entry.

After you’ve filled out the application, you’ll need to pay a fee to the Turkish government. The fee is set per application, and depends on the type of visa you’re applying for. Typically, the application process takes three business days, but you can pay extra for a super-urgent visa.


For Bhutan and Cambodia citizens, Myanmar visa applications require certain documents. A photo must be attached to the application. A photo must be clear and in color, and it must show the applicant’s full face, from forehead to neck. It should be 4.6 cm x 3.8 cm, and it must be recent. Headgear is permitted if the applicant is going for religious purposes.

Travel documents must be valid, such as a Bhutanese passport. If a citizen of Cambodia or Bhutan holds additional nationality, he or she should use the same passport to apply. Once approved, the Turkey eVisa will be associated with the passport mentioned during the visa application. As long as the passport has not expired, a citizen of Bhutan will be required to present these documents at the airport. The eVisa will be stored against the passport in Turkey Immigration.

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Those traveling from Bhutan or Cambodia to Turkey should be aware of the rules and procedures when applying for a visa to Turkey. The process involves filling out an online application form. Citizens of these countries must provide a valid email address and match the information found on their passports. Afterward, they must choose the appropriate processing time to suit their needs.

The Myanmar visa requires applicants to submit a photograph. The photograph must be of the applicant’s face, which should be in color and taken on a plain white background. The photo should show the entire face, from the forehead to the neck. It must also be current in appearance and not be a retouched photo. Headgears are permitted for religious purposes but should not cover more than half of the face.

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If you are a Cambodian citizen and wish to visit Turkey, you must first apply for a visa. You will have to fill up an online application form and provide some information about yourself. It is recommended to include your passport page number, contact details, and email address. Once your application has been processed, you will receive your visa by email. It is important that you have a valid email address and credit card, otherwise, you may have to provide additional documentation.

If you are a citizen of Cambodia, you may apply for a visa at one of the following airports: Phnom Penh International Airport and Siem Reap International Airport. You will have to pay about thirty dollars for a 30 day visa. You must also present a passport photo of yourself that is 3x4cm in size. This visa can be extended at the Immigration Department in Phnom Penh city and the Poit Pet border checkpoint.


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