Essential Documents For Applying Indian Visa For German And Canadian Citizens

Indian Visa

When applying for an Indian visa, you will need to submit some essential documents. These documents will be used to process your application. They include fees, forms, and photo specifications. These documents must be completed and submitted online. Once you have completed all these steps, you can begin the process of applying for your Indian visa.

Documents required

German and Canadian citizens traveling to India need to have a valid passport and other travel documents to prove their identity. They also need to provide documentation of their intended itinerary. A photo of the applicant must be included on the personal information page of the passport. The photo must adhere to the specifications provided in the application form.

German citizens must have a valid German passport that is valid for at least half a year. They must also have a valid travel insurance policy. The visa process is easy and quick. Once you’ve completed your payment, you’ll receive a secure link to upload your documents. You can also email any additional information to our Customer Support team. It usually only takes a couple of minutes to complete.


There are certain fees that are associated with applying for an Indian Visa for German Citizens and Indian Visa for Canadian Citizens. German citizens will need a valid German passport. This passport must be valid for at least half a year. The fee for an electronic visa application is 129 Euro. German citizens can apply for multiple-entry visas that allow them to stay up to 90 days.

There is also a mandatory stamping fee of $100. The processing time for the application is generally 28 business days. Canadian citizens will be required to provide valid proof of their residency.


German and Canadian citizens can apply for an Indian visa online. To do this, you need to have an Email Id and a Credit Card or Paypal account. Once you have applied and paid for the visa, you will receive an electronic copy of your visa, which will allow you to enter and travel within India. Typically, this will only take a few minutes to complete.

For German citizens, the e-Visa system has made the process of applying much easier. There are three types of e-Visas available: a tourist visa, which allows a 30-day stay, a business visa, and a medical visa. The validity period for each visa varies from 120 days to five years. German citizens must pay a service fee of 129 Euros.

Photo specifications

The Government of India requires a photograph of you taken within the last 6 months, with a resolution of at least 600 dpi. It should be of high quality, with your face clearly visible. The photo should be taken with your eyes open and in a neutral, natural color.

The size of the photo should be the same as the passport size. It should be a color passport-sized image with a clear background. It should also contain no excessively smudging or glare. If the photo is not clear, it will be rejected.

A passport photo taken at least six months before applying for an Indian visa must be centered, a 35 mm or 40mm size and be in colour. The photo must be of a person with a neutral expression and without any headgear. The photo must be a high quality scan of the passport applicant, without any shadows or colored background.

Processing time

Applying for an Indian visa is a quick and easy process. Typically, you will receive your electronic Indian visa within three to four business days. If you need your visa more quickly, you can apply for a rush processing service. Make sure to apply at least four days before you plan to leave. You can also save your e-visa to your phone and print it out. That way, you can take it with you to the airport.

You can also check your visa’s status online by entering the information you provided when you applied. If your application has been approved, you should receive an email notifying you of your visa’s approval. Once you have your visa, you should have no trouble entering India. Of course, you will still need to submit biometric data to immigration officials.


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