Examining 4 Types of Marine Construction

marine construction

Marine construction involves establishing a reliable buffer between land and water. This could look like a few different things, but each is designed to make living near large bodies of water safe and convenient. Four types of marine construction are pretty recognizable, used for both functionalities and to establish pleasing aesthetics. 

1. Retaining Walls

Retaining walls help to ensure the integrity of a landscape, establishing a literal wall to keep soil from sliding away. In Florida marine construction, retaining walls are often used to protect coastal areas from the impact of the ocean. 

2. Breaker Walls

Another name for a breaker wall is a seawall. Breaker walls are long walls that stretch out into the water to protect adjacent land. They are wide and often made from giant stones or blocks of granite to protect against potentially huge waves brought on by wild coastal weather. 

3. Docks

When it comes to tying off a boat, docks are used en masse the world over. There are different types of docks, from floating to piling to pipe docks and each has its merits. Choosing one over the other depends on particular circumstances, like the depth of the water, the size of the boat or how many boats will be utilizing it.

4. Boathouses

Boathouses are used to store and protect boats. Among the differences between boathouses and docks are the size and capabilities of the structures. Boathouses are necessarily bigger, with walls and a ceiling to keep the boat out of the elements. Many come with a device that can lift the boat out of the water, which both protects the boat from potential issues from being in water constantly and makes it easier to service them. hydrographic surveying also measures the water depth

Whether it’s the dock to which the boat is attached or the retaining wall maintaining the integrity of a property, marine construction efforts exist to make living near water a special experience with minimized risk of water damage.


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