3 Tips to Improve How You Interview for Jobs

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Although you may feel nervous, there are plenty of ways to help yourself stay focused and calm before and during a job interview. Preparing ahead of time with certain methods and tips is one way to stay confident while you are in the middle of this experience.

1. Practice With a Friend

Before you go into the real interview, take some time and do a practice round with a person you trust. You may have heard about this job through candidate sourcing philadelphia or from someone you know. After researching the company, you should write down some facts and have your friend or loved one ask you questions that a real interviewer might ask you. Not only can this help you think up answers on the spot, but it can help you notice what you need to improve on.

2. Think Up Examples

Some interviews may require you to think up examples of times in the past when you used important skills or knowledge. Having examples of these times ready in your mind before the interview can allow you to answer the interviewer’s questions with ease. Take time and think back to other jobs or volunteer groups so you can write down possible moments that you can use in the interview. After writing this list down, review it a few times in the days before the interview.

3. Loosen Up

While it’s good to prepare, you may also find yourself getting more stressed out as the day approaches. Instead of focusing solely on the interview in the week leading up to it, make sure to take time and exercise or talk with loved ones so that you do not feel overly stressed. Schedule out a block of time to practice and research, and then make sure to get a good night’s sleep the day before.


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