Top 5 custom hair extension boxes for brand awareness in the market


With the help of hair extensions, you can add height or fullness to your hairs. HAir extensions make your appearance more attractive and make you feel confident. They make your hair look more beautiful and increase the beauty of your natural hair.

Clip-in, tape-on, and pre-bonded are the different types of hair extensions. They get manufactured using real human hair-thread or by using high-quality synthetic hair.

The very first hair extension was made over 5000 years ago by ancient Egyptians. And by 1990 they got popularity all around the world. And after that, many types got introduced, and the most used extensions get manufactured as clip-ins. The reason is that they are easy to use.

Hair extensions need protection from outer harm, which is why they need an extra secured package. Many firms had introduced themselves in the hair extension production field. With this competition, it’s compulsory to make faultless packaging and branding.

Soo, we are going to discuss the top 5 custom hair extension boxes for brand awareness in the market.

Window boxes:

These packaging cases give a little sneak peek of the item that gets placed inside it. The advantage of using these cases is that they are handy and efficient.

There is another type called die-cut window boxes. They are known for the excessive variety in their shape, size, and dimensions. No matter what the product size is, these cases can cushion it and protect it from contamination.

Every product gets packed in a cardboard box, and then it gets packaged with bubble wraps that are not eco-friendly. It is a waste of material and is harmful to the environment.

Window packaging cases do not use any extra protection or bubble wraps to keep the product safe. They get made of sturdy material, and they keep the merchandise out of harm’s way but themselves.

Cardboard packaging cases:

Cardboard packaging cases get manufactured with high-quality material. In this way, the extensions do not get affected because the boxes are eco-friendly.

Moreover, the cardboard cases are climate-friendly, which is the prime advantage a client can get when receiving the package. Use custom hair extension boxes that get manufactured with cardboard to impress the customers.

Eco-friendly packaging cases:

Govt from all around the world are trying their best to guide and instruct people about the growing issues of environmental contamination.

People have started changing their lifestyles and are switching to use eco-friendly stuff.

Many people think that if they use a cardboard case, then the package is eco-friendly. But this is not accurate.

You have to use recyclable plastic and boxes. And also, the corrugated bubble wraps to make your packaging cases 100% climate-friendly. Get the best deal by searching hair extension boxes near me and you can get the item at a moderate price.

Customizable packaging cases:

We are going to take a look at the methods to get you a better understanding of how to customize our hair extension boxes wholesale.


This process was introduced in Germany in 1796 by an author Alois Senefelder. He discovered this technique accidentally when trying to copy its dialogue and writings. He wrote his script on a limestone using oil pastels and then marking them with rolled-on ink.

Screen Printing:

In this technique, you can use plastisol ink or another type of water-based ink for your screen printing to give it a sleek exterior. These kinds of inks are the most favorable and long-lasting as they are most absorbable. And if you want your packaging case to be climate-friendly, then this technique is best for you.

Offset printing:

Ira Washington Rubel introduced this printing technique. It got introduced in 1875. In this process, an inked image gets transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket. And from that blanket to the printing surface. This printing technique gets done on a large scale, such as printing of the newspaper, brochures, and magazines, etc.

Digital printing:

Digital printing is more useful than the old way. It does not take much time. For this printing method, you only need to have an electronic file. Find the icon from the internet and get it printed to save your time, money, and effort.


It is also known as rotogravure. Just like offset printing, it also gets used for printing in a large mass. In this method, the ink gets shifted from carved microcavities and not from relief. It gets done on a flat surface. The inks that get used in this manner have weak coherence.


In flexography, you do not have to worry about the drying of ink. And you can choose a variety of inks. In some time, you can print thousands and millions of images because of its cost-effective and useful technology. In this process, a flexible relief plate gets used and has a high-speed rotary functionality.

Durable packaging cases:

The role of any packaging box is to protect the commodity that gets placed inside it. But if the packaging cases itself are not long-lasting, then your product would get destroyed.

You should not use toxic substances if you wish to preserve the product as it is. Extensions need pure packaging so that they do not get affected. You can purchase the cheap hair extension boxes online and can save your hard-earned money.


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