Celebrate your Anniversary Romanticly


Anniversary is a day to reaffirm your love with your beloved and celebrate your togetherness. People express their love by presenting gifts and meaningful articulations. But, the most romantic deed you can decide to make your day special is by planning out your anniversary date with your partner! You don’t have to make a lavish plan to make your day memorable.

Anniversaries are great opportunities to relive romantic moments and strengthen bonds with your partner. It is great to apply efforts in making this day special to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. Amidst monotonous lifestyle, we often neglect our relationship with our partners which leads to dullness and fading up of bonds with time. Remember, boredom can silently kill a relationship. 

The best way to celebrate your anniversary is to try out something new together. Here are some ideas to plan out your anniversary romanticly and memorably –

1. Plan an Exciting Vacation 

Plan a change of scenery by breaking out from your usual daily routine to spend some quality time with your partner. You can book a campground for an adventurous experience or you can go for a romantic road trip near your town. If your anniversary lies in warmer months, you can go to your favorite picnic spot in town for a romantic date. You and your partner can also visit tourist spots, botanical gardens, and brewery tours to enjoy each other’s company.

2. Take a Class Together

Going to a class and learning something new will help you in strengthening your bond and retain your lost spark. Find an activity you both enjoy like cooking, painting, and more. You can also go to a Salsa class. Dancing is a great way to coordinate with each other while having fun. Try to choose a class out of your comfort zone to spend some quality time together by learning something new.

3. Plan a Romantic Dinner Date

Recreate the magic of your first date on your anniversary by taking your beloved to a romantic dinner date. From exquisite restaurants for candle light dinner in Mumbai to classy pubs and bars in Delhi, each state in India has its own set of romantic venues. There is nothing more peaceful and romantic than having a candlelight dinner with your better half in a calm and soothing ambiance. 

4. Go for an Adventurous Activity 

If you and your partner are adventure lovers, you can go out for an adventurous activity. The adrenaline rush will refresh your mood and reignite your connection. Creating new memories together is one of the best ways to make your anniversary a day to cherish. You can go camping or trekking and enjoy the romantic sunsets together. You can also go for other activities like Ice skating, paragliding, and more. No matter what the destination is, your partner will be thrilled by the efforts you made to plan out your big day.

5. Relive your First Date

The first dates are full of innocence and butterflies in the stomach. Recreate the magic of your first date by revisiting your first date spot and reconnect with your partner in a more meaningful way. This idea is perfect for couples to take a trip down the memory lane to gain sight of what actually brought them together. 


Even if spend your day at home and choose not to plan out the above-mentioned options to celebrate, you can still have fun. If you simply want to stay in, you can still make your day memorable. You can have delicious breakfasts in bed added with a bottle of champagne and a dessert! You can decorate your home and can plan a candlelight dinner with your bae at the comfort of your home. 

Remember, the intent is to be with each other and spend moments with each other to express how valuable you are for each other. You can make your anniversary fun and special wherever you are with little preparation and effort. Make sure to spend your day together and make sure to schedule your day off from work. Keep all your mobile devices off for a day and spend alone time together talking and celebrating your love all over again. You are definitely going to relish these memories in the years to come. Make sure you make a good one!


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