Fear of public speaking: 4 Strategies to overcome

Fear of public speaking: 4 Strategies to overcome

Are you glossophobia? Having a fear of public speaking? Don’t worry, Friend! You are not alone! One of the most common problems, fear of public speaking, also known as glossophobia, is a serious threat. Statistics show how the fear of public speaking is among the top five of a human’s biggest fears. Some studies rank it as number one while ranking the fear of death in the second. This fear is similar to the fear of humiliation and a huge embarrassment. It arises when one overestimates the stakes of communicating their ideas, viewing the event as a potential threat to their credibility, personal image, and the gathering of the audience.

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Overcoming this fear will take time, but it is not that impossible. First, you need to structure the framework of your presentation, then learn how to manage your nerves so you can focus on speech delivery. We know Public speaking isn’t easy. It takes your patience, your time, effort, and skills.

Here are four strategies which will help you overcome the fear of public speaking:-

Eliminate the Fear of Rejection and focus on your framework:

Yes! We often question ourselves, what if my audience hates my speech? What if they laugh if I utter something different? What if they leave their seat?

Bypass all of your fears of rejection. Keep it aside and focus on your speech. Your confidence matters to you. When you practice speaking, try to get into a flow as if you had been doing this for a long time. Short pauses in between key points can add anticipation and wanting to hear what’s next.

Mirror introspection:

Practicing in front of the Mirror, you can watch exactly what you will do in front of your audience. One must practice their speech in front of the mirror as if they were speaking to someone – this is self- introspection. If one really wants to learn how to enhance his public speaking skills, he should pay attention to:-

  • Your facial expressions
  • Your gestures
  • Your body movements

Even how welcoming you appear matters in such events. When you have a good sense of expression with a calm demeanor, you will be more welcoming to your audience. That is how you will show improvement in this field.

Record yourself And Learn from your mistakes:

Record your speech from the beginning to the end on your phone or a video mode. Then, carefully listen to it or watch it. Keep in mind how you could make it better. Some people think that this tip is helpful. Getting used to your own voice and speaking style is important. Whenever you make mistakes in your fluency or pronunciation, you can rectify it. This is how you learn while rehearsing.

Your Breathing matters:

Work on your breathing. Having a focus on your breathing leads your voice to have more resonance. This somehow also relaxes you. Breathing calmly and focusing on the flow of speech is generally the matter. This is considered to be a public speaking exercise.