Finding the best swimsuits for curvy women

best swimsuits for curvy women

When on the beach, everybody wants to look their best. Most women strive to attain a perfect beach body as summer approaches, but they often forget with a hot body, you also need a flattering swimsuit that will play up their good features and conceal the imperfections. That said, shopping for a swimsuit is still a nightmare for many women. There are many styles, shapes and colours of swimsuits, which often leaves women needing clarification and satisfaction when buying a swimsuit.

Different women have different body shapes. Hence, the first and foremost thing for you to do is determine your body shape. There are numerous styles of curvy swimsuits that are designed explicitly for plus-size women. That means no matter your body shape; you will find a bathing suit that perfectly fits you. So before you dive deeper into finding the best swimsuit for yourself and get beach ready, here are some tips for determining your body shape. Read on!

  • If your shoulders, waist and hips are about the same size, you have a boyish figure.
  • If you have narrow shoulders and wide hips, you have a pear-shaped body.
  • If you have broad shoulders, medium or large breasts, a small waist and wide hips, you have an hourglass shape
  • Broad shoulders and narrow hips mean you are heavy at the top.
  • You are busty and top-heavy if you have large breasts and narrow hips.
  • You are a curvy woman with large breasts, ample hips, and a tummy.

Hope, you have understood the shape of your body. Now continue reading and find out which swimwear will be your best choice.

Bottom heavy- Big things and hips

If you are a woman with a heavy bottom, you should wear boy-cut swimsuit bottoms or skorts (shorts with a skirt over them). Wear a bright, colourful or patterned bikini top to draw the eye upwards and away from the thigh area. But whatever you do, avoid wearing bikini briefs, as they will make your bottom look even bigger.

Top heavy- Big bust

Big-busted women need swimsuits that offer a lot of support. Halter neck bikini tops or wire tops are suitable for ladies with heavy busts. Or, if you are seeking to make your breast look more petite, go for bras with underwire or adjustable straps, as they will allow you to control the size and cover as much as possible.

Top and bottom heavy- Curvy

Monokinis are specifically designed for curvy women. Monokinis are one-piece swimsuits with cutouts on the sides; they create a slim look and help show off your curves. Or you can even go for the tankini (a two-piece swimsuit with a tank top instead of a bikini top). Tankinis are also a good option for curvy women worn with boy shorts for extra support. 

Middle-heavy- Big stomach

Having a bulging tummy might be slightly annoying, but now you can easily hide it and enjoy your beach time without worrying about the curves. Women with most of their weight around the middle should wear one-piece swimsuits. You can look for a one-piece swimsuit with some details on the tummy; they will hide it effortlessly and elegantly. Today there are even tummy-control one-piece swimsuits that act like corsets and keep your belly tight.

Plus size swimwear

Plus size is undoubtedly one of the most challenging shapes to find swimwear for. Many overweight women often feel depressed that they can never wear a swimsuit and flaunt their bodies on the beach, but this is not true. You can, of course, wear curvy swimsuitsand look super sexy. A strategically placed cutout, a deep V neckline, or colour-block swimwear will be an excellent option for you. Hope, you find this article helpful in finding the right swimsuit for you, and now you will be able to find the perfect swimwear that accentuates your best features


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