Five Ways to Market a New Product/Service

New Product/Service
New Product/Service

Coming up with the idea of selling a new product or service might sound easy theoretically, but it needs a lot of work and effort to make things happen. Once you are done with developing a new product, the next step is to find some good ways to promote and launch the product.

Your product might be one of the best products on the face of the earth but if you do not promote it properly, then you are very likely to make mistakes and even miss out on opportunities and even lose a lot of money in the process. Many businesses are part of the arena today and even the biggest of names cannot afford to lose any opportunity where they can sell out their products. To make sure that you market your products and services appropriately, here are a few things that you can do

Use Introductory Offers

You can introduce your product by attaching it with a special introductory deal and use different tools like discounted prices, giving out vouchers and coupons with any purchase from your store or online, less prices on bundles or bulk purchases, offering users a buy one get one deal and so many other things. Make sure that you inform the buyers that the promotion is for a limited amount of time. This will create a sense of urgency for people who can afford your products and for people who have limited purchasing power.

Offer Exclusive Preview to Loyal Customers

Loyal customers are one of the most important parts of the entire deal and can prove very useful if you want to promote a new product. One of the key reasons for thinking like this is that these users not only buy your product but also promote your product on their social media networks. In the current times, you can maximize your brand loyalty and sales by hosting a virtual pre-launch part or a virtual tour or walkthrough. You can invite your loyal customers to any of these launch sessions and ask them to review the product and even share invites on social media platforms. These exclusive offers to your loyal customers can get them an idea about how much you value them and will also encourage them to retain their loyalty

Write a Blog

When you are promoting a new product or service, you might not get users to go on a landing page or have a specific page for your subscribers. One of the reasons is the new product itself. For instance, if Spectrum is a service provider and they have something new added to their Spectrum Silver channels, you might want your current customers to engage or want your dormant customers to re-engage with you. Writing a blog on the newly launched or newly added features or the product gives your users more insights into the product or service you are offering. So it is a good idea if you want to keep your blog detailed by adding features, benefits that you would have included on the landing page. To promote your blog you can further email your users and ask them to have a look at it or share the link on your social media channels for a wider audience to interact with you.

Use Email to Spread

Use email contacts to provide information about your product, some exclusive features, and almost everything related to your new product. Experts consider emails as a fantastic marketing channel to get the word out about your new product or service and also become one of the best ways to get subscribers and signups as well.

Social Media Campaigns and Contests

Using social media to host social media campaigns is one of the best and easiest ways to connect with customers and get more fans or followers on business social media pages. You can position your products using Facebook campaign winners and Instagram giveaways that can get you ample opportunities to get people information about a newly launched product or any new thing that you can offer. Make sure that your content becomes attractive and engaging for users you have on all social media channels. Using these methods you can increase your engagement and get potentially more traffic to your business website.

Tips for getting more engagement through Social Media Campaigns

– Collaborate with Social Media influencers .

– Create stunning short videos for quick engagements.

– Use relevant hashtags in captions

– Share short videos frequently to your stories

Creating short videos with brand products are so useful , you should also  mention brand official page and their social media account. Share this video to your social media platforms and tag brand page’s with brand hashtags. If you don’t expertise in creating short intro videos for promotion then use online video editing tools or use apps like free youtube intro maker, Inshot, filmorago and free outro maker to create stunning videos.

Key Takeaways

These are some best practices if you have launched a new product or added a new feature to your product. In the current age, social media campaigns and social media networks play a cardinal role in spreading out the word for your product so it is a good idea to use social media and SEO to make your product stand out from the crowd. 


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