How can influencer collaboration help grow your Shopify store?

influencer collaboration

Wondering how to connect with your customer?

It all starts with social media influencer marketing.

Without a successful collaboration, your product is just sitting on a rack in a warehouse.

We, as humans, have a tendency of relying on word-of-mouth products, before making an actual purchase. As an online shopify store, you know very well-know, that 60% of the audience visiting your website is new. And they will make a purchase after visiting a site at least five times.

Very few will make an immediate purchase.

Also there are people who visit the site, add a product to cart, research about it, and forget it. If during that particular time period of forgetting & retaining, they come across a retargeted ad, possibilities are, they might get back to the site, and make a purchase.

So, for a constant connection, your shopify store will need a creative brain who makes the online marketing campaigns effective for you.

These individual strategists will help your brand in grabbing the visitors from the very first time they visit the site to making them aware about the products and retain the traffic of the online platform in different creative ways.

When we talk about the online world and marketing, the first question that comes to our mind is how to compete with other brands who have already established their niche? The answer to this is, every product or service has its own audience. They get their sales generated by a standard marketing strategy. The strategy is cracked over a period of time being on the social media platform, dealing with people’s likes & dislikes.

It is like cooking a dish. Firstly you set the table with ingredients, then you arrange the utensils that are to be used in the cooking. At last, you start the cooking and cook the food on a desired flame at which it will taste delicious & turn out to be a good dish.

Same is online marketing.

Time. Patience. Planned money will make a successful online marketing campaign for the business.

Now, without doing a further due, let’s have a look at some effective methods in which the influencers can help in growing the business online.

4 Effective methods to achieve a desired traffic through influencer marketing

#1 Authentic social proof for the site

An online user relies on a product’s reviews, comments, and recommendations. These things don’t eventually come to a brand. It takes time and constant engagement. Influencers help in making positive and reliable social proofs.

People tend to rely on certain accurate online sources. So, one has to collaborate with a trustworthy influencer who is known particularly for promoting that certain product or is a good fit for the brand as an online brand face similar to an ambassador.

For instance, when we click on a random product online, we read its description and understand its features. Then we scroll down instinctively to see the ratings, comments, and reviews of that item & make a mental note whether to purchase it or not.

Thus, positive social proof is a key factor of making sales and retaining the customer for future. Influencers with their effective online posting methods make this work for the online store.

#2 Facebook retargeting ad campaigns

The very first platform that came up with online marketing ideas is Facebook. It has a series of marketing plans that suits everyone’s pockets. From scrolling ads to pay-per-click ads, they have it all under a roof.

But, often it happens that brands tend to forget retargeting an ad after its completion. In today’s time, where everyone is on social media platforms targeting their audience, it is necessary to retain their attention and stand out of the clutter every time you decide to do it.

Ads and influencers go hand-in-hand when it comes to luring an online audience. When retargeting an ad, a brand has two options. One is to repeat the same ad or to rope in a known face and make an engaging post with them. People, while scrolling, do pause and glance at their favorite influencer’s posts or stories. Even live streaming on Facebook works when you are thinking of retargeting an ad. This method has turned out to be the best shopify marketing strategy and has worked almost for every online store, regardless of their scale of work (small or big entrepreneurs).

#3 Pre-launch giveaway or contest

Initially, you have built a website and made it live on the net. But, how will you engage your new traffic which is hardly ten-twenty visitors a day, how will you engage them and convert it into a word-of-mouth strategy.

To accelerate your traffic, a pre-launch giveaway or contest is a must. Such contests make a user visit the website for once and share or tag their folks along with the post. It depends on how the influencer plans for the giveaway and reaches its audience.

For instance, your online shopify store is a crockery brand. You need to approach an influencer with the idea of giveaway with a set of crockery, willing to give as a free sample. The individual strategist will design a campaign keeping the product in center keeping an apt description of the item in mind. Also, beneath the post they mention reliable information that helps users understand the usage of the product alongside the contest information.

#4 Influencer driven product content

As a brand you directly have to reach the desired influencer and make him understand your product. He will creatively design your marketing campaign from scratch. According to the marketing experts, this is the best way to market an online item, as the influencers are aware of their audiences & their reactions related to a particular way of advertising.

For this method, you need to match a relevant influencer, which one can easily get over online platforms specifically made to connect brands and such strategists. The brand has to enter certain specifications and a niche list will be provided online by the search bots of the specific website.

On a concluding note, these methods are proved to be safe and practically achievable for an online shopify store. Thus, experience it for yourself, and let the digital marketing innovation make your brand known throughout other social platforms.


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