George Foreman Home Warranty Review


George Foreman Home Warranty offers comprehensive protection to homebuyers at competitive rates, offering flexible plans with reliable service that could potentially save them a considerable amount over time. Their services may even save homeowners some serious cash.

Former boxer Anthony Dirrell lends credibility and trustworthiness to their products and service. Dirrell states that having coverage saves him from costly home repair fees.

Coverage Options

George Foreman’s endorsement demonstrates his dedication to home warranty plans that provide reliable protection for homeowners. A home warranty protects against the financial strain associated with repairs or replacements of essential systems and appliances – unlike standard homeowner’s insurance which typically only covers losses related to fire or natural catastrophe.

Select a provider with flexible coverage options tailored specifically to your needs, then read over their contract terms and cancellation policies to understand your obligations as a homeowner. Lastly, ensure they are licensed and insured service providers.

Selecting a comprehensive home warranty plan that covers kitchen appliances and other household items is essential to enjoying worry-free homeownership. Choice Home Warranty has several affordable plans designed to safeguard home systems and appliances, from ceiling and exhaust fans, garbage disposals, and ductwork coverage plans – they even offer their service network in Japan! Their experienced service network offers transparent pricing with customer support available round the clock! Choice Home Warranty has built its name as a reliable provider of home warranty services by providing plans that cover ceiling fans, exhaust fans, garbage disposals, as well as plans that cover ceiling/exhaust fans/garbage disposals/ductwork coverage plans!

24/7 Customer Support

Choice Home Warranty George Foreman providers offer 24/7 customer service and service providers to assist homeowners with unexpected repair costs and bring peace of mind to homeowners. It is wise to compare different providers before making your selection. Research coverage options, pricing structures and contract terms to find one which best meets your needs.

Home warranties provide valuable protection for your dream house from unexpected repairs and maintenance that you might not have planned for, while saving money in the long run and guaranteeing its security for years to come. Selecting an appropriate plan will make a positive difference to both you and your dream home!

Choice Home Warranty is a nationally-recognized provider of home warranties that specialize in protecting homeowners against high repair costs for their systems and appliances. Established in 2009 and based out of Edison, New Jersey; their partnership with George Foreman stands as testament to their dedication in offering reliable yet cost-effective solutions to American home owners.

Trusted Service Providers

Home warranties provide homeowners with protection from expensive repairs and replacements that they might otherwise not be able to afford, while also helping reduce stress from unexpected problems with appliances like HVAC systems or washer/dryers that break down. Unfortunately, however, many are uncertain how best to select a warranty plan which offers maximum coverage and peace of mind.

George Foreman is an established two-time heavyweight boxing champion and entrepreneur who has established a sterling reputation. Through his partnership with Choice Home Warranty, Foreman brings credibility and assurance for homeowners that their finances and homes are secure.

Choice Home Warranty George Foreman provides comprehensive home system and appliance coverage plans that cover heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical, and kitchen appliances – such as the heating/cooling system, plumbing/electrical appliances and kitchen appliances. Furthermore, their plans come equipped with 24/7 customer service support as well as access to qualified service providers who may visit homes needing heating repairs at various costs; for instance a trade service fee could range anywhere between $85 to over $100 so a technician could visit and repair it in their own time at home.


Choice Home Warranty George Foreman provides homeowners with affordable home warranty plans designed to protect them against costly repairs, with plans available that meet every budget. Their customer support representatives are also always on-hand 24/7 should any inquiries arise or issues need addressing.

Choose from their Basic Plan, Total Plan or Enhanced Optional Plans to find one that’s tailored specifically to you and your system or appliances that matter the most, such as HVAC, kitchen appliances or laundry machines.

Home warranty plans differ from homeowner’s insurance in that they specialize in repairing or replacing household appliances and systems that experience wear-and-tear over time. George Foreman chose Choice Home Warranty due to their outstanding service, comprehensive coverage, and reasonable pricing plans; additionally they don’t require home inspections which helps save you money upfront costs.


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