Get an app like Uber for Handyman to run all your services in one go


There could be a long list of unfinished works in our day-to-day lives like getting a faucet fixed, fixing a door to a room, assembling furniture, etc. These jobs can’t be done correctly by ourselves and need the handyman’s help to carry them out without any trouble. Thus, we build an app like uber for Handyman with exclusive features, eliminating the hassles to fix these problems.

The Handyman app lets users connect with local handyman professionals to avail various handyman services like plumbing, cleaning, moving, ordering groceries, and so on.

Who is a Handyman?

A handyman is a service professional who is skilled in various ranges of services related to household chores. They include repair work, maintenance work, interior and exterior, also known as “side work,” or “fix-up tasks.”

How does the app work?

  1. The customers log in to the app and key in the necessary information. 
  2. Then the app will prompt them to share their exact location.
  3. Once the customers enter the required details, they select the type of service they need with the date.
  4. The app provides users with the authentic fare before booking the service.
  5. They can proceed further by completing the process only after the customer is satisfied with the pricing.
  6. The needed skilled service provider will show up at the specified time at their location. 
  7. Once the service is availed, customers pay for the service and rate and review for the reference if other users.

Development of On-demand Handyman App

To build a handyman app, then you need to find out answers to the following questions,

  • What are all the features to integrate into the handyman app?
  • What can be the best technology to implement to enhance the app?
  • What is the cost of development?

If you don’t have a clear idea or can’t figure out the answers to the questions, don’t worry, as many are on the same page only. We will be discussing the solutions below.

What are all the features that should be integrated into the Handyman app?

The three primary users of the on-demand handyman app are,

  1. Admin panel
  2. Professional/Handyman App
  3. Customer App

So we have to build three different solutions with a unique set of customized features and functionalities. Let’s discuss the three in detail.

Admin panel

Admin panel is nothing but a master panel that controls all the on-demand Uber’s main functionalities for the handyman app. The features are,

  • Bookings management – The admin can easily track the present and past booking details of users and professionals. 
  • Managing customers and professionals – This feature gives admin the freedom to add, eliminate, or even warn the service providers and users who do abide by the app’s regulations.
  • Site management – The admin has total access to this platform, like changing the website’s logo, content, and so on.
  • Cancellation details – This feature allows the admin to see the canceled bookings with the reasons. 
  •  Notifications – Admin can send attractive push notifications to both customers and the professionals regarding any critical announcements, festive wishes, offers, etc. 

Some other features like report management, analytics can also be added for a better customer experience.

Handyman/professional’s application

This panel is for professionals who need to connect with the customers. They have separate applications to manage the whole process. They can accept bookings directly from the customers. 

Some of the features are,

  • Edit personal information – The professionals should register themselves on the app by providing their details like name, experience, and mobile number. To verify authenticity, an OTP verification is enabled.
  • Payment method – The professionals can receive the payments for their service via card or various online payment options.
  • Service Requests – This feature allows the handyman service provider to accept or reject the customers’ service requests. If they cancel the offer, they need to mention the reason for cancellation either manually or with the app’s reasons by default.
  • Earning – The professionals can easily see the earning reports directly from the application. They can also view their revenue by weekly, monthly, or yearly services.

Customer app

It has more features and can go through the service listed and book the assistance required instantly.

  • Easy registration – This feature helps the User log in to the application by providing information like entering the mobile number, name, and address. With the OTP sign-in process, they can easily log in to the application. It is nothing but a one-click sign-up.
  • Multiple service list – The customer can view the list of services available in the app and book the assistance needed.
  • Price estimation – The service fee is calculated before booking. This feature helps the customer know the exact price for the service they opted for. 
  • Payment Options – The customer can quickly pay for the service via cards, in-app wallets, or the best in class payment gateways. 

What can be the best technology for building a Handyman app?
Choosing the right technology is a crucial part of the on-demand handyman app development. Building your app with the right technology enhances the quality of your product and helps you stand out from your competitors.

Cost of developing Uber for handyman app

The development cost depends on the features and functionality we choose to include in the app. 

Factors influencing the cost of development are,

  • Features and Functionality
  • Application platforms
  • Additional integrations
  • Design
  • Testing, etc.

To develop a full-fledged application, depending on the application’s complexity, time, the cost may vary, resulting in a better experience for service providers, users, and developers.

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