Gift ideas for your office colleagues to make their 9 to 6 enjoyable

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Coworkers are the people who make it easy for us to survive the office time. Sitting alone in an office when you have no one to talk to around is a bit of torture because you definitely need someone to relax and chat when taking a break from work. Keeping silent the whole day while minding your business for straight 8 to 9 hours is not a cup of tea for everyone. Having people makes the office environment more tolerable. 

So, if you have office colleagues who you can chill around within your free time, or even motivate you to do better each day, then you should thank them for their existence. Not everyone finds a good colleague to work with; some really pull you down. When you want to show appreciation, you can count on gifts. Other than appreciation, there are a number of occasions that call for a gift for your co-workers like their birthday, your colleague just got promoted, you want to say thank you for their help, or he or she got appreciated or even leaving the office. Here are gift ideas that will help you to build your relationship with coworkers, and it will even foster a positive environment to work in for them. We have online gifts for him as well as her, so that covers everyone. 

Homemade muffins

If you’re going to begin the list with homemade treats because let’s be honest, no matter how pretty or beautiful things you buy for someone, things made by you at home always win the top spot in the heart. So, homemade muffins should always be the top priority. Muffins are loved by all, so you can never go wrong with this type of gift. Bake, a box of delicious muffins for the best coworker. Trust me; they are going to love these freshly baked muffins. You can bake some muffins for a colleague who is really sweet and has been true support for you in the office. Oh, and let me warn you to bake some extra muffins because as soon as you open the box, the smell of fresh-baked muffins is going to take over the room, and lots of bees will be attracted. 

Little monk set

The second gift we have here is a set of little monks. I’m telling you just search for little monk sets online or offline, and you will fall in love with these cute little monks and end up buying one set for yourself as well. The monk set is a pretty gift that they can easily place on their office table. They can keep it close to the screen, and these monks will make them smile every time they will have a glance at it. Also, this set will make their office table look better and far from boring. Monks are known to attract good vibes for you, so if you know someone who has been a constant positive support for you in the office premises, then this gift will go to them. 

Personalized mugs

The third gift idea is a personalized mug. A personalised mugs online is an ideal pick for anyone and everyone. You can never go wrong with a mug because a mug is something that one can use easily. Everyone needs their share of caffeine during the hectic time at the office so, a big mug from your side will help them gulp in a good amount of tea or coffee. The receiver can keep the mug in the office itself, and since it is personalized, they can flaunt it very well in front of other colleagues. The mug will make them feel special. 

Mason jar plant

Last on this list is the idea of a mason jar plant. I have listed only the ideas that will make the office environment bearable for them. Here is a little indoor plant that they can keep at their office table or in their cubicle. The plant is nicely potted in a mason jar and comes in a compatible size that will be a perfect fit for the office area as we know that plants are known to wave off the stress and anxiety, which are very common in the office culture. Well, it will be an ideal gift for someone who has brought home lunches for your time and again. Get plants like lavender and rosemary that will emit mild scents around the area they are planted. 

This is the list of gift ideas that are suitable to be presented to any coworker on any type of occasion. They will surely love all the picks from the list; all the gifts are capable enough to make them happy and make their 9 to 6 hours tolerable. 


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