Google Guideline for SEO Upcoming Updates


Before we dive into how this whole process begins and what key steps to be taken till the end we would like to explain every small step during this journey so let beginners also do not miss anything and get all from it. Let’s understand the following basics of the SEO process. The steps were taken by professionals such as web design company dubai

To start your SEO and boost up the results make sure you optimize your website speed and make sure it’s fully responsive, you have to monitor your website in the search console for mobile usability and coverage issues to take corrective measures.

How to make a website and why its important

Your website should not be only loaded with images and fancy design with about company profile what we do the type of content but it should be informative for example if your site is an ice cream shop you need write content about how ice cream is made, what are flavors, what are the differences between organic and synthetic flavors, what are the most frequently asked questions when customers inquire and you answer them on phone? write these questions and answer on your website. read how to make a website here at a web designer dubai

Google has come up with new updates and in 2021

The google new updates called core web vital lets dig out what core web vitals are and how they impact on our site ranking.

Core web vitals are divided by 3 different audit of a site LCP, (Largest content paint) FID (First input delay) and CLS ( Cumulative layout shift)

Google Guideline for SEO Upcoming Updates

What are core web vitals LCP, FID and CLS

LCP: Large content paint

FID: First input delay

CLS: Cumulative layout shift

Core Web Vitals, introduced by google and they are features in google webmaster tools/ search console core web vital metrics related to speed, responsiveness and visual stability. Google has defined these as the Core Web Vitals:

Largest Contentful Paint: The time it takes for a page’s main content to load.

First Input Delay the time it takes for a page to respond to a user’s first interaction.

Cumulative layout shift: is all about responsiveness of a website, this responsiveness related to the layout if one section or element  overlap another.

 Example: if you have ever visited a site and clicked something unintentionally as it was overlapping the section or element you wanted to click

How to optimize your content

Ensure that when you compose an article, your blogs are connected on your landing page and any individual who visits your site can see these blogs on the front point of arrival of your site as opposed to going to the menu, click on the blog and search there, as nobody realizes you are writing for a blog and you have something fascinating for guests. To know what informative content means and its importance read at seo company dubai

Your home page should have internal links and they should be descriptive, avoid using link text such as go here, click here, or read more if the content is about how to make ice cream the link text should be saying how to make ice cream. 

Important SEO tools that are free

In 2020 BING/ Microsoft has released a game changing SEO tool that is a part of Bing webmaster tools,Ging webmaster the tool allows all the premium features an SEO tools has to have for a better SEO audit and we used to pay 100s of dollars to analyze our website, compare it with competitors, checking backlinks, scanning website to know the insight and much more.

Google Guideline for SEO Upcoming Updates


Develop a site, and optimize its speed,  make sure its responsive and accessible on all devices and clickable elements are set well, the site loads with in 3-5 seconds not section or element overlap another.

Add your customer’s questions and its answer in to all or related pages, add informative content to your site and make sure your blog page shows are visible on home page as  recent posts. Use Google search console and Bing SEO tools together to monitor and analyze your site and upload informative content as blog.


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