Top 5 most beautiful places in Oranjestad?

beautiful places in Oranjestad
beautiful places in Oranjestad

Oranjestad is the capital of Aruba, the Caribbean Sea. The city has changed recently and has been renovated to suit the mind of locals as well as tourists. You might not recognize it if you’ve ever been here before due to the fresh scape it portrays. You will definitely make your Spirit Airlines Reservations after knowing what the city has to offer!

The longest Linear Park

The longest trail of the smoothly paved park which is ideal for jogging, walking, meditating, and what not. It begins at the airport and expands along the sea to the city. It has a lot of stopping points, refreshment corners which can help you rejuvenate along the way. Catch the beautiful sunset at the Surfside each or even take a dip in the sea if you want to.

Fort Zoutman

Bon Bini Festival is held every Tuesday, which showcases artisanal local food and music. Oranjestad has different cultural events happening all around the year. There are many annual festival spinoffs happening, and you can even visit Queen Wilhemina for free entertainment by lie bands and dining spots. Learn more about traveling to Oranjestad by visiting Spirit Airlines Official site!

Plaza Daniel Leo along with other plazas that stretch along with the linear park

Plaza Daniel Leo is where you can really , and PeoplePeople love to enjoy the vast spaces at the Linear Park and relax by the beaches and fountains. There are other plazas as well, like Plaza Parden Baasi and Plaza Nicki, which are stretched along the linear park.

Cas Di Cultura and Cosecha for art and culture

Aruba is a place of culture and arts, where they exhibit international as well as local artists. You will find vibrant art exhibits in the Cosecha building, which is a permanent place for local artists. There are many beautiful and stunning sculptures that you can witness in Cas di Cultura. You can also visit Korteweg’s Facebook, where you will get updates of the exhibits happening in the city to mark in your itinerary.

The new Main Street

As the name suggests, Main street is where all the magic happens. It is directly behind the Renaissance Marina hotel. It has a market stall, earlier it was severely neglected, and the business of this area was slowed down because of tourists. But thanks to the installation of the new trolley and the new pedestrian portion. IT has completely become worth visiting and cannot be missed out on while touring around in the city.

These are the Rookie Mistakes which you should avoid if you’re planning to visit Oranjestad!

  • Don’t make your trip to Aruba around hurricane season.
  • Don’t just try to have bottled water, as suggested by locals.
  • Don’t pack clothing which is not comfortable, avoid taking formal clothes!.
  • Don’t neglect the nightlife, visit cafes and bars. You might be surprised by what the city has to offer!

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