Want to Pay Property Tax – Consider Paying Online

property tax

The property tax receipt is among the key documents that banks and other lenders seek when you apply for home loans. 

But what is the property tax? How do you pay property tax online? 

If you want to explore these aspects, then you can go through this post!

What is the property tax?

Property tax is a charge that homeowners have to pay every year. It is the municipal authorities in different states and cities that are responsible for collecting it. The property tax is raised either half-yearly or is based yearly. It is their major source of revenue for maintaining the required infrastructure and basic amenities in the city. 

What factors are considered while calculating property tax?

The assessment of the property tax is based on many factors. Let’s have a look: 

  • The neighbourhood or the surrounding area – the well off it is, the higher will be the property tax. 
  • House’s construction – the quality of the construction also matters. 
  • Possession – properties that are commercially let out levy higher property tax. 
  • The age of the property – Property tax amount will vary as the construction year of the house is a considerable factor while computing the same.
  • The area that is vacant. 
  • Covered area – The more is the area, the bigger will be the valuation of the property tax. 

Are any properties exempted from paying property taxes?

Yes, some properties are not entitled to pay any property tax and exempted. They are as following: 

  • Government buildings 
  • Properties that are being used for charitable purposes 
  • Public worship places such as Temples, Mosques, Gurudwara and Churches and more
  • Heritage buildings 
  • Cremation grounds 
  • Agricultural land 

How do you pay property tax online?

Nowadays, many Government and other bills are paid online. And the payment of the property tax is not an exception. You can land on the website of the respective municipal authority and follow some steps to pay property tax online. Here’s is the quick look at the standard steps that you can follow to pay property tax online:

  1. Land on the portal/website of your respective municipal authorities in your state and the city. 
  2. Choose the ‘Pay Property Tax Online’ tab. 
  3. Enter the ID of your property and name as per the records of the property. 
  4. Now, your provided details will be verified. 
  5. Once your details are verified, you will be required to provide your contact number and the Email ID. 
  6. You will shortly receive the One-Time Password (OTP) on your mobile phone. 
  7. You can now use the received OTP to login. 
  8. Choose the assessment year for which you wish to pay property tax online. 
  9. Once you have entered all details, you will have to select a payment mode from the available options. This way, you can go ahead and pay property tax online quickly. 

What to consider while making the online property tax payment?

Before you start making the online property tax payment, you should consider the following elements to keep off all hassles. 

  1. Always double-check the information that you provide to the municipal authorities. It is because the property tax is computed by those authorities while considering the details as shared. Based on the accuracy of the details that you provide, certain bodies also provide you with some rebates. 
  2. The non-submission of details may attract some penalties with interest. 
  3. If you pay taxes late, then you will have to pay late payment charges. 
  4. The online payment of property tax may let you enjoy some deductions. 
  5. Senior citizens and women may be entitled to extra rebates. 

You are well versed on how property taxes are paid online. You will now find no issues if you were looking to pay the same online.     


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