What are the benefits of becoming a Data Analyst?


Data analytics is the process of examining data to gather important knowledge from observations. The techniques used for data analytics involve algorithms that are working over raw data. With the help of data analytics, one can discover metrics that are difficult to get in the world of information. Businesses utilize this knowledge to enhance the processes that increase their business efficiency and performance. For example, an organization will be able to keep track of the runtime, downtime, and workflow for their products and then analyze the data for the improvement and execution of the work plan.

Along with the data analytics techniques, the amount of available data is growing too. Now, companies can collect information from their contemporary organizations. They get competitive advantages and recognize areas of improvement through data analysis. They also get to know about sales trends that are increased or decreased. By collecting data from across the business companies get a real-time understanding of finance and sales, marketing, and product development for getting good results. This data helps businesses to collaborate better and do better than rival companies.

As you can see the businesses are highly dependent on data for their continued success and growth. Recent surveys have shown that 92% of enterprises are using data analytics to gain greater marketing insights. Organizations require highly skilled professionals so they can work in a team and analyze the data for the business, consequently, becoming a data analyst can be a good choice if you’re looking for a new career opportunity in a fast-growing field.  

It is evident that all businesses are dealing with a huge amount of data. Let’s take the example of a campaign. A data analyst can help determine the significance of all their data, which data is important and needs to be processed, the performance of a campaign, and the role the data plays in making future marketing plans. A data analyst is capable of spotting patterns, collaborating with others, creating reports, building infrastructure, and more. In most companies, data analysis is becoming increasingly important and requires qualified data analysts to use the massive amount of information they receive.

Data analysts salary breakdown: top paying countries and industries

These days, most of the business operations rely a lot on the numbers. From sales to marketing campaigns, the information extracted from all this data helps in moving forward. With this important information, businesses get to know about which strategies worked in the favor and which didn’t, what should be done to improve the results in the future. All these insights will be used by businesses to make the right decisions. Because of this huge dependency on data, qualified data analysts are needed in all the industries. A data analyst’s job is to sort the data in a comprehensible and useful format.

Average salary by countries:

The best thing about working as a data analyst is that they’re demanded around the world. Knowing about the average data analyst salaries in different countries can help you with relocation. 

Here is the list  of average salaries offered to a data analyst in different countries:

  • India: ₹9,78,432 (INR)
  • USA: $92,164 (USD)
  • United Kingdom: £55,525 (GBP)
  • Canada: $99,825 (CAD)
  • Australia: $118,457 (AUD)
  • Singapore: $90,1375 (SGD)
  • United Arab Emirates: 252,456 ‏(AED)

Average salary by industries:

Data analysts are getting hired by almost all the industries and this is a good advantage of this job. Because information gathered by data plays an important role in decision making, and qualified data analysts are needed to help with the process. 

If you are not able to decide which industry to choose then knowing average salaries might help you. Some top professional networking platforms have given information to the top-paying industries for data analysts, along with average annual salaries in the United States:

  • Natural Resource & Mining: $107,000 – $117,000
  • Scientific, and Technical Services: $80,408
  • Utilities: $74,000 – $79,000
  • Entertainment: $70,000
  • Hardware and Networking: $67,000
  • Software and IT services: $65,000
  • Finance: $65,000
  • Energy and Mining: $63,000
  • Manufacturing: $55,000 – $59,000

Salary is an important factor for deciding what industry to work in but it’s also essential to know which industry would interest you the most. A positive thing about working as a data analyst is that it offers a lot of options in terms of the country as well as industry. This will give you opportunities throughout your career and the chance to always challenge yourself.

Data analyst’s jobs are becoming more competitive these days as more and more organizations are recognizing this industry. To become a successful data analyst, adequate training is essential but it will not be sufficient for standing out amongst the competition. Getting certified in this field can be a great way to learn and showcase the required skills you need to become successful.

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