What Precautions To Take Before Installing A Solar Power Plant?

Precautions Before installation - Solar Panel Companies

More people are seen investing in solar power systems as the time is advancing. You can see more solar-equipped roofs nowadays due to its remarkable progress in the past few years. The cost of the instrument has also lowered in many cases. Needless to say, installing a solar power plant for home deems beneficial to facilitate your electricity needs and go green. 

But you will need to analyze many things before heading forward and executing the installation procedure. It is extremely crucial to understand various factors associated with such a project. They will help you avoid poor installations that can cause trouble later. Here are the key points drawn to help you with the precautionary measures you can take during installation:

  • Avoiding duplicates: Many companies in the market use duplicate panels in solar power plants to produce energy. These options designed for home, industrial, and commercial rooftops or ground-mounted panels are available at a lower cost. If you are unaware of the information on this subject to avoid malpractice. As a precautionary step, you must insist on viewing the panel’s SL no. through an RFID reader, which a genuine vendor will surely have. In case the dealer refuses to possess an RFID reader, it’s probably time to consider a different vendor for installation.
  • Proper inspection: Many installers ignore shadows like inter-row shadows and others, at the cost of the plant size reduction. It is noticed in many instances that the owner wants a solar plant of let’s say XYZ kWp, but such an installation is not achievable on site. Still, several installers install as per XYZ kWp by narrowing the inter-row gap. As a result, it generates less power than required.
  • Array design: Arrays must be created with due consideration of the expected maximum and minimum voltage along with acceptable input voltage for a specific inverter used on site.
  • Cables: Ensure that proper cables are used. Tinned CU solar cables should be used for the DC end, while CU cables for the AC. If an installer uses CU cables even on the DC side, you may not see any impact instantly but it will affect the energy generation later.
  • Framework: Many vendors use pre-galvanized sheets to develop the framework, which deems unadvisable. Originally, the structure is manufactured with MS followed by exercising hot-dip galvanization to ensure its longevity. Although a pre-gal sheet will not have an immediate effect on performance, it is likely to form rust and then breakage after 5 to 7 years.
  • Earthing: A solar plant also needs earthing in many cases. At least two earthing systems, separately for AC and DC networks, are advisable. 
  • Lightning Arrester: A lot of plants come with no protection for lightning as such. If such plants are struck with lightning, its solar modules can result in total destruction. Hence, Lightning Arrester (LA) is required for solar panels as they are susceptible to lightning. LA is created to absorb electrical storms induced voltage surges. 
  • Protection: If AC and DC side protections are not installed in any of ACDB, AJB, or inverters, such a solar plant should be avoided. Several inverter models of a similar capacity are available in the market. Those which are cheap, lack protections that are required in AJB and ACDB. As the SPD costs are considerable, vendors are likely to ignore it due to inexperience or cost reductions. Hence, you need to be cautious about protection devices. 
  • Monitoring Data: Vendors need to monitor the power generation from your solar plant. So, before you place an order, it is advisable to insist on viewing the vendor’s control centers. In case the vendor denies running a control center, you should abstain from dealing with them.

The Final Notes

It is always better to conduct thorough research before moving forward with a solar plant contract. Running a deep analysis and discussing the variables mentioned above will help you in the long run. An experienced technician can aid you in finding the potential faults and prevent you from investing a large sum. 

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