A necessary guide to safely removing an old sofa

removing an old sofa

This quick and easy to follow guide to removing the sofa will help you dispose of the old sofa responsibly.

Feeling it’s time to move on from your old sofa and replace it with a new, comfortable style? Or maybe the living room is decorated so that your old sofa sticks out like a sore thumb. Well, there are tons of sofa removal, collection and disposal options that will guide you through this quick and easy to follow guide on how to remove this sofa.

How to dispose of your sofa?

Knowing where to start throwing out your sofa may seem a little difficult, but it’s not necessary. There are many options depending on how fast / cheap you want to get rid of them.


If you’re feeling generous, you can always donate it to charity, as long as your couch is in good condition. Many charities, depending on where you are, offer to collect donation sofas for free.

There are many charities out there that will be happy to take your old couch and offer it to someone in need. Some of our favorite examples are listed below:

British Heart Foundation

A charity devoted to fighting against fatal heart diseases having their furniture stores across all over the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) to collect your old sofa’s free as long as it is in working order. All funds raised from donations helps to treat heart patients.

Cancer Research UK

This leading cancer charity raises funds for important research to identify all forms of cancers. If conditions are good, they will also organize your donation sofa collection. Visit their website to learn more about removing sofas.


A charity dedicated to helping vulnerable children in Great Britain and addressing the problems around them such as poverty, domestic violence, and disability. Barnardo has stores all over England. So head over to their website, and see if there’s one in your area that collects your old sofa.

Selling it online or using traditional methods

Another option is to sell your used sofa either online or using a more traditional method such as newspaper classifieds. Before you throw it out, think that someone else is looking for a new place to relax after a long day at work.

Disposal of an old sofa

If the unwanted sofa doesn’t qualify for donation or sale, disposal is the next best thing. There are many options available. All you have to do is make sure they are responsible and legal:

Remove trash from people and vans

This is where Clearabee can help you with our affordable and reliable sofa removal service for cleaning people and vans. With this service you can sit back and relax while the Clearabee team takes care of everything for you. We just want you to leave us somewhere so we can park safely and freely 50 meters from your sofa and have permission to collect it.

If you choose to hire an alternative Skip hire company, please ensure that you have performed all necessary due diligence in terms of compliance to ensure your sofa doesn’t sway. For more information on the risks associated with fly tips, see our guide.

Waste transfer station

Better known as your local tip; a cheaper alternative to throwing away your old sofa is to take it to your local waste disposal facility. Most of the tips accept old sofas; however, you need to make sure it is a licensed unit.

For more information on how to verify that a facility is licensed, visit the Environmental Agency website.


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