Sew-In Hair Extensions for Beginners

Sew-In Hair Extensions

If you have just taken hair extensions, you need to know how to care for your weave correctly. If you regularly take care of your hair extensions, they can last for about three months without hassles. You must ensure that your hair extensions are chosen for you by an experienced and qualified hairstylist- the reason being there are many types of hair extensions, and you might get confused on which one to choose.

First, know what sewin hair extensions are

Simply investing in sew in hair extensions is not enough. You must know what they are and how they can benefit your hair. They are like real hair, except the strands are synthetic in nature. They are sewn into your hair to give you added volume and length. Since they are like real-hair, the good quality variants in the market are expensive. So, be ready to spend some extra money on a natural-looking product and high in quality.

Get used to the terms popular in the market

Since hair extensions are soaring in popularity today, they have their abbreviations and terms. Given below are four popular terms you might come across when you are buying hair extensions-

  1. Virgin hair- This hair extension has no chemicals added to it. It is like natural hair with the cuticle cut in the same direction. This sort of hair generally comes from any race. It is slightly costlier than others as it takes time to grow and is found less in abundance.
  • Weft- The hair here is held together with fine threads. This can be done by hand or a machine. The machine wefts are cheaper and popular than hand wefts that are more desirable for women as they look real.
  • Remi or Remy- This hair looks like natural hair with the cuticle cut in the same direction; however, it has chemicals infused in it like a perm or a dye.
  • Pre-Bonded hair extensions- There is a bonding agent like keratin that connects the hair together. You will find two kinds of pre-bonded extensions – I-tipped and U-tipped. The U-tipped variant uses heat when it is applied, whereas the I-tipped does not use heat in its application.

Top reasons why you should go in for sewn-in hair extensions-

  • Their variety, you will find them in many styles, shades, and lengths.
  • They are simple and quick to wear.
  • They are long-lasting and durable.
  • The risks of heat damage are less.
  • Get new hairstyle changes quickly.

However, you must ensure they are fixed onto your hair by a specialist correctly when it comes to sewin hair extensions. In case you try to do it by yourself, you will pull at your scalp, and the risks of losing your natural hair are high. Moreover, you must ensure that you return to the specialist when you take out these hair extensions to do it for you safely. You must know how to care for and maintain your hair with the right products in order to make it last for a long time. Your hairstylist will give you instructions and guidance on the same so that you can follow the regime at home without hassle.


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