High-quality Best Priced Used Toyota Alphard for Sale

Used Toyota Alphard for sale

Many of the companies are working in the business line of cars. Therefore, they exchange cars. New and old cars are usually there in the showrooms or in the workshops. Showroom owners have further workers and mechanics for the take care of the cars. However, the highly demanding car includes the used Toyota Alphard for sale. Although, many of the people like this car. Because it has max space for almost six to seven persons. However, people can easily sit in the car. Some people like a small card that has low space for sitting while some people prefer big cars. The big car is not much easy to handle but the handling depends on the driver or the person of the family who is going to drive the car. Although, this car may have manual or automatic models.

However, big cars are mostly preferred by the people who have a business for carrying the stuff along. Also, the big cars liked by the people who have big families. People with big families have no need to worry to go to a picnic or somewhere else with family. The whole easily adjusts the car because it has more seats as compared to other cars. A big family must have a big car to go together. They do not need to buy two separate cars for their family. Furthermore, Toyota Alphard is a good car and is considered to be very strong. While buying the used Toyota Alphard you need to check its specifications according to a year of the model. The used cars usually have faults but you need to take the test ride to check whether if there is any problem in it.

Specification of Toyota Alphard

Toyota Alphard has many of the unique specifications and characteristics. Some of the main specifications are as follows:

Maximum power—-150-301ps

Fuel consumption—-8-17km/L

Drive Type—-AWD/FF

Engine capacity—-2,362-3,456cc

Number of seats—-4-8

Further little specifications of the Toyota Alphard are as follows:


TheEngine Capacity—-2,362cc

Engine Configuration—-4-cylinders in-line DOHC VVT-i

Compression Ratio—-unknown

Bore x Stroke—-unknown

Fuel Type—-Petrol


Power—-127kW (170 bhp)

Torque—-224 Nm

Acceleration—-(0-100km/h) unknown

Top Speed—-unknown

Fuel Consumption—-10.8 km/l

CO2 emission—-218 g/km (As tested by LTA)


Transmission—-5-speed (A)

Drive Type—-Front-wheel drive



Dimension (L x W x H)—-(4,850 x 1,830 x 1,905) mm

Wheelbase—-2,950 mm

Min Turning Radius—-5,700 mm

Kerb Weight—-1,980 kg

Fuel Tank Capacity—-65 L

Cargo/Boot Capacity—-unknown


Brakes (Front)—-Ventilated disc

Brakes (Rear)—-Solid disc


The suspension (Front)—-MacPherson strut

The suspension (Rear)—-Torsion beam

Models of Toyota Alphard

The evolutionary models of Toyota Alphard are as follows:

First-generation (AH10; 2002)

Second generation (AH20; 2008)

Third generation (AH30; 2015)

High-quality Best Priced Used Toyota Alphard for Sale

Toyota Alphard is also known as the Toyota Vellfire or Lexus LM. It is considered as the Mini-van. It is a five-door van. However, the layout of the Toyota Alphard is as; it has front-engine, front-wheel drive or front-engine, four-wheel drive. The Alphard is marketed as a luxury van and is primarily made for the Japanese market, but is also sold in Bangladesh, Belarus, Russia, the Middle East, greater Shina and Southeast Asia.

Since the second generation Alphard, the model was split into Alphard and Vellfire model names separately, the Alphard was meant to stand out for luxurious and elegant and Vellfire was more modern and sporty intended. The Vellfire name was derived from “Velvet” and “Fire” to emphasize the vehicle’s “Smooth” and “Passionate” characteristics. Furthermore, both model names bear similar front and rear facia however the grill design, headlamps and tail lamps are different. Toyota Alphard is a minivan produced by the Japanese automaker Toyota since 2002. Moreover, it is available as a seven or eight-seater with petrol and hybrid engine options. Hybrid variants have been available since 2003. The vehicle named after Alphard, the brightest star in the constellation Hydra which provided by Vine Place: used toyota alphard for sale.


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