How Are a Boiler and a Furnace Different?

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A vast number of people these days have a central heating system installed in their homes. There are a variety of central heating equipment that don’t work equally. Tow common types of central heating systems are boilers and furnaces. Many people use these two terms interchangeably. However, they have significant differences, more than just semantics. Although the furnace and boilers are both central heating systems, the way that they generate hot air varies. If you consider buying a good heating system such as a high-quality furnace, you would better consider the differences between them.

What Is a Furnace?

No matter you buy a gas furnace or an electric furnace, both have forced-air systems. They use the fuel they generate the heat to make the area warm. The heat is sent to your home space through some ducts and with the help of blower fans. There are some heating elements in electric furnaces that provide the heat and send it to the air. Both types of furnaces may need to be changed and replaced when they age. You can also consider some repairs to help your furnace function as usual.

What Is a Boiler? 

There is a tank full of heated water through which a boiler generates warm air into the home space. There is no need for ductwork to circulate the warm air throughout the home. It actually sends the heated water through pipes that end up in specified points called radiators inside your house. This is known as radiant heating.

Electric-powered boilers, like electric furnaces, have heating elements to make the water heated. However, gas heaters heat the water by jets under the water tank. Radiant heat transfer moves the heat to the radiators into your home space. They will increase the temperature of the surface to make the area warm.

Which One Works Better? Furnace or Boiler? 

Both furnace and boiler may have some advantages and disadvantages. The heat produced by a boiler is clearer in comparison with a furnace. They usually require minor repair and make you bear a lower cost. Boilers also seem to be more energy-efficient as less heat is wasted through radiant in comparison with forced-air heating. However, if your home doesn’t have the required piping and radiant heating, it may cost a fortune to install the tools and piping. In this case, a furnace heating system is a better option.

What Is a Water Heaters?

Many people think that water heaters and boilers work the same as each other. Although their basic features may seem the same as they both make the water heated inside a tank and distribute it through the pipes, their purpose of distributing hot water is different between a water heater and a boiler. As everyone knows, water heaters send the hot water to the taps and showerheads inside your home. However, boilers are one of the HVAC systems that make the air warm.

No matter what your central heating system is, it would be best if you always thought of an energy-efficient device that reduces your utility bills.


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