Why do you want to start a catering business in Dubai?


Are you a big enthusiastic when it comes to cooking? People can’t stop admiring you for your culinary skills? Then you probably have a catering business mind in you ready to exploit the business opportunities in Dubai. You might not only be very passionate about cooking, but you also hold enough skills to understand the variety of cuisines. You need a lot of experience in the field to successfully run a catering business in Dubai because when it comes to Dubai it is home to people of so many different countries.

Talking about business opportunities, Dubai is a place for people with tight schedules. It has a very strict business environment and there are fewer annual holidays, these all lead away towards catering business. There are also possibilities within huge labour camos and staff quarters of a big company. If you want something challenging then you can serve the tourist who comes to get the taste of Dubai. Many tourist places, regular events and community functions are in high need of catering services. Last but not least Dubai people are famous for the big fat weddings. You can earn a lot just by serving the guests of the wedding.

catering business in Dubai

Why does everyone like to set up a catering business in Dubai?

 Dubai has always been the business treasure of the Middle East. People setting up a business in Dubai has experienced the financial stability of the economy. Business register in Dubai is simple and fast forwards, there is less paperwork and all the legal procedures are fast, these are some reasons why you might want to set a business in Dubai. Not the mention the huge amount of inflow of foreign capital. Apart from that, some other incredible benefits are given below:

  • Incredible Taxation benefits
  • There is no need for a minimum capital requirement
  • You don’t have any restrictions on trading locations
  • Dubai is famous for its fastest-growing economy
  • You can enjoy the free zone benefits
  • Dubai has a first-class infrastructure
  • Your company can coordinately work  with government bodies
  • You have no  restriction in currency limitation
  • Yet another important benefit is of the low import duty
  • Companies have greater options for business activities
  •  Limitations to the number of visas is a myth

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catering business

Advantages of starting a catering event in Dubai

Do you want to know about more advantages so you could successfully Register company in Dubai? Then keep on reading!

Flexible time

It is not just like being an employee that needs you eight hours a day. You are the owner who handles everything and you have the right to say no when it doesn’t fit in your schedules. So catering business is a gift when it comes to flexible schedule and timing.

Are you an amateur chef?

If you are then you are perfect for the position, instead of working for others you can handle your own business. Be your boss! You can expand your circle of business opportunities and earn repeat clients because you will be hands-on with each client.

Growth options

Like we said you are your boss and nothing to fear when it is. So it is up to you whether you wanna start your business small and grow or still make it a small catering business. You might want to handle the small number of clients during the weekdays and it is you who are deciding the work schedule and so the earnings.

 Trending business

It is mainly because of human nature this business happens. What if one decides to throw in a party by themselves? If they do it all by themselves then you will be screwing up your business. People are naturally lazy or busy when it comes to organizing a party or any kind of event by themselves so they need help from caters like to organize the needs of delicious food. It is typical for us to raise an event but don’t have enough skills to handle the situation and so we communicate with a cater and maybe leave it all to them.

Highly profitable business

Big Cater companies in Dubai have already acknowledged that they receive 20,000 AED in a month  Apart from that they receive tips and extra awards for their good work which is a plus point. If you open a business in Dubai and start to market effectively then you start earning well from the early stage itself.

The setup process is effortless

You can approach the Department of Economic Development that is DED  for handling your setup process. They handle it pretty well. If you think you can’t do it by yourself then you can hire the best business setup consultant in Dubai to make the process easy and fast.

It necessitates less investment

You can start as a third-party provider; all you have to do is establish solid relationships with the suppliers and sell the services under your brand.


The most important aspect of starting a catering business is finding the correct location. Dubai, as a major tourist and commercial location, attracts a large number of foodies. As a result, Dubai as a whole is an excellent place to start a catering business.

 Wonderful Infrastructure and Amenities

The Dubai government has gone to great lengths to ensure that international businessmen have no difficulty operating a catering firm. In terms of business parks, office spaces, warehousing, transportation, connectivity, and utilities, this resolve has translated into world-class infrastructure and facilities.

Tax Exemptions

Opening a catering company is difficult in some foreign lands. The main difficulty is withing the tax management. You have to develop the knowledge of their tax legalities and manoeuvring your business in such a way that you have minimum taxes to manage. However, Dubai offers highly effective tax incentives. It includes a free zone with the feature of 100% tax exemptions, zero corporate and income tax, and many more. Hence, a catering startup can save money through these tax incentives.

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