How the quality of translation affects promotion


How difficult is it to make a translation used in marketing to promote products or to describe a service? What are marketing translations?

Why are marketing translations important?

Marketing translation is very different from other types of translations. Through marketing translations, brands want to identify, overcome risks and certain challenges. Most marketing materials are quite poor in getting the attention of an audience in another country. Why?

Marketing materials are shaped to get the attention of a single audience. This audience is mostly speakers of the language in which the act will be written.?

But to better understand this phenomenon, we will provide a more accurate example. Let’s say you have promotional materials or brochures to print. These will need to be adapted and printed. Everything is a fairly simple process. The materials will be created, printed, and distributed. We do not have to rely on a word-for-word translation formula to translate these types of documents. Everything will have to be much more complex. Each word and expression will have a certain meaning in a certain foreign language. So…

For the promotional material to make sense, it will have to be adapted to attract the customer from that country. Here we will understand that promotional marketing materials are translated to get the attention of the customer in the target country.

Thus, we will have to understand that this kind of translations are made by best certified translators and adapted by marketing specialists. Two types of teams will collaborate to translate marketing documents:

The team of translators

The team of people who specialize in PR, Online Marketing, Promotion, etc

We will see that even a simple element such as a leaflet will have to be adapted and implemented to the requirements of the market in that country.

Why is such a workload needed to make marketing translations?

First, we need to understand that marketing and promotion in general have the potential to increase a company’s revenue. When they are not perfectly integrated and do not meet the requirements of the market, you will not have results.

This whole process will be done through a gradual staging. Also, for your promotional projects to bear fruit, these translations will need to receive all the necessary steps.

How are marketing translations done?

This type of translation is done while keeping the idea on a global scale.

What exactly does this situation mean?

Usually, this type of translation is addressed to corporations or companies operating in several countries. Any corporation will have an overview of what will be maintained and implemented in each country. This idea will have to be kept and implemented in every country.

But, as I said above, we are different in terms of culture, traditions, and customs. For example: A Hungarian will have a short coil for the holidays and not a cake. All these identifying elements of a mass and culture will be considered when the marketing material will be adapted.

Where do marketing translations stand out?

The online environment takes up more and more time in a person’s life. As we can see in the statistics, the online market has now managed to achieve sales of over 40 billion dollars. All these sales are due to an extremely well analysed marketing system.

Thus, we can see that the online marketing process is constantly researched.

For example, the content of products or articles retains the identity of the product but adapts its content to the uniqueness of each country.

Why does literary translation affect the marketing process?

To complete a complete marketing process contact with translation agency England, each market will need to be researched. The literal translation of an advertising document certainly affects the brand of the product. As Google tells us, “Content is king,” and to capture people’s attention, we need quality content.

This means that elementary or companies with valuable content will stand out much more. Thus, for a marketing document to work in a foreign country you will need:

Take over the content

To adapt the content for the respective country

And further, this content will have to be transformed at the same time into a quality one. The last step is extremely necessary and should never be forgotten. This will lead to an exponential increase in the company’s sales, and yet it is a factor that many companies forget every time.

Thus, every element from the creation of the text to the creation of quality content are key elements for the prosperity of global business.

That was our information about marketing Translation of documents. Thank you for coming with us to the end!

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