How to Earn and Redeem RBL Bank Credit Card Reward Points


RBL Bank introduced the RBL credit card reward points to offer certain benefits to the credit cardholders. These reward points are extended for credit card usage in the most exalted gateways like luxury vacations or shopping at any famous outlet. You can even use it for a simple purchase of filling the fuel at any petrol pump. All these activities add loyalty points to your credit card. 

If you are a credit cardholder, you can earn the reward points by simply using the credit card at different outlets. As you swipe the credit card for making any purchase for the first time, you are entitled to the reward program. This program enables the instant credit of points that one can use to purchase vouchers and gifts. One can redeem RBL Bank’s credit card reward point from different avenues of offers.

How to earn reward points?

The earning of the reward points depends upon the type of credit card you are using. With the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank credit card reward program, you can earn unlimited reward points as a cardholder. You can reduce cash outflow with the reward point mechanism during various purchases, including hotel booking, flight tickets, or fine dining. It can potentially increase the investment and savings mechanism.

Redeem your credit card reward points

Customers can redeem the reward points with a credit card after following the given steps:

  • The credit cardholders need to log in after using the password and username on the reward site
  • Cardholders have to select the category that they want to redeem from
  • Customers need to click on the redemption point after selecting the number of reward points they wish to redeem
  • Customers would get an OTP into the registered mobile number, which they have to enter for making the payment to complete the redemption process
  • If customers fall short of the reward points, they can pay the remaining by using their credit amount

The RBL bank offers credit card reward points per the exclusive loyalty program. These help them look for an array of gifts and eclectic vouchers. The credit card accumulates reward points that you can redeem in various categories like electronics, beauty products, bus tickets, and even airline tickets for every transaction you make.

You would be automatically enrolled into the credit card rewards program as you purchase any item. As you enter the RBL Bank reward website, you have to put forward a few details to complete the process. Cardholders can also call the RBL reward service centre to activate the account. The best part is if you are an Indian citizen who holds the RBL credit card, then you would be eligible for joining the reward program. Reward points have a validity of at least 24 months starting from the date of their accrual. 


As disposable income increases, people are taking more interest in shopping. You can get anything and everything in a single click. Shopping is now one of the favorite retail therapies. Every finance company offers the option of easy credit to its customers. A credit card by the RBL Bank is one of the best options. You can operate the card within the perimeter of buy now and pay later.

However, most financial institutions offer reward points to their customers for various purchases. Later the cardholder can redeem these reward points to reduce the cash outflow of the future purchase.


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