How To Effectively Take Care Of Your Coloured Contact Lenses

Having a pair or pairs of coloured contact lenses is pretty cool, isn’t it? You get to change the colour of your eye every other day. Just add a subtle change to your eye colour or be bold enough to put on some bright colours on your eyes. Coloured contact lenses such as the green contact lenses are one of the best cosmetic and fashion accessory we can have in our hands right now.
How To Effectively Take Care Of Your Coloured Contact Lenses
While there are hundreds of people using coloured contact lenses nowadays, many are unaware of the methods of cleaning their coloured contact lenses properly. It is very important that the users should know how to clean their coloured contact lenses and take proper care for them. Today we are going to discuss about how we must take care of coloured contact lenses.

Before Wearing the Lens

The first part is how you have to take care about your contact lenses before you wear them. Here you need to ensure that the contact lenses are clean before you put them on your eyes. Everything has to do with the hygiene, in this step:
How To Effectively Take Care Of Your Coloured Contact Lenses
  • First of all, clean your hands with soap and warm water. Later wipe the water on your hand with a lint free towel.
  • Now that your hands are clean, you can take out the coloured contact lenses from the store and place on your palm.
  • Now pour the disinfectant solution on the coloured contact lenses and clean it by rubbing it gently with your finger

Wearing The Lens

Now we move onto the process of wearing coloured contact lenses properly. It is quite a simple process and not that complicated as people usually make it out to be. It is quite a simple process, you just need not to be afraid, thats all. It will be over in a minute.
How To Effectively Take Care Of Your Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Place the coloured lens on your palm and check for any debris and particles on the lens
  • Now all you need to do is hold down the lower eyelid and hold up the upper eyelid.
  • Put the contact lens on the side of the eye and move your eye so that the contact lens settles on the iris. Blink a few times to ensure that the lens has settled.

Removing The Lens

Removing of the lenses is not that hard too, you just need to be a little careful as you are required to take it off from your eyeball. :
  • Now hold up the upper eyelid and hold down the lower eyelid to widen your eyes.
  • Use your finger to drag down the lens and then use your thumb to squeeze the lens gently so it lifts from the surface
  • As it lifts from the surface, you just grab it with the finger and thumb and carefully take it out.

The Cleaning Method Of Coloured Contact Lenses

Cleaning periods differ on different contact lenses There are different types of contact lenses available on the market. There are daily disposable contact lenses, then you have weekly disposable contact lenses and extended coloured contact lenses. Some of these contact lenses are required to be cleaned every time you use them and take them off, while it is a bit different with the others. Like the daily disposable coloured lenses, you will always use a fresh pair every day. Once you use it you need to throw it away. So you just clean it with the solution and use them, you wouldn’t need to clean them after use and take care of them because next day you are going to use a fresh pair while throw away the used one. With weekly disposable contact lenses you are required to clean them and store them safely after use. With extended contact lenses you can wear them continuously for 30+ days without cleaning them. But if you like you can clean them once a week or two. So how do you clean the coloured contact lenses after taking them off?.
  • Make sure your hands are clean. After that you use the solution to rub gently on the contact lens. This way all the debris and particles on your coloured contacts will be removed.
  • Your coloured contact lenses such as the green contact lenses will have a storage case or vial. You must fill it with a fresh solution and store them inside that case.
  • If the solution has expired, buy a new one.
Make sure you clean your lens properly with the solution, this will remove almost all of the bacteria and protein that has accumulated on the lens. Keep your coloured lenses away from other cosmetic products and in a cool and dry place.


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