Interior And Astrology Tips For Your Home Design

Interior And Astrology Tips

It is a characteristic and basic expectation to have a sweet home for endurance agreeable throughout everyday life. As indicated by the capacity of an individual’s budgetary issues he/she attempts to have a decent building. Crystal gazing annexes certain pieces of information and focuses on how and when an individual can have the extension to involve, buy or get responsibility for the house.

Astrological components liable for responsibility for the house 

Ascendant – general mien throughout everyday life, wants and their satisfaction 

second house/master – riches, family legacy, fortune 

third house/master – s-hift starting with one spot then into the next, difference in home 

fourth house/ruler – l-and, property, home 

eleventh house/ruler – gains, salary, flourishing 

Mars – significator of landed property 

Saturn – Obstacles, postponements and retractions

Interior And Astrology Tips For Your Home Design

Favorable Combinations for owning a house

  1. fourth master in its very own sign, praise or well disposed sign or lifted up astrology planet in the fourth house gives wonderful house. 
  2. fourth house ought to be emphatically impacted by eleventh ruler from ascendant/Moon 
  3. Positive impact of Mars on fourth house/ruler from ascendant/Moon to stable love or relationship
  4. Rulers of ascendant and fourth house joined in the fourth house and having useful viewpoints demonstrates increase of house in most startling way. 
  5. Masters of tenth house and fourth house consolidated in quadrant or trine demonstrates an immense house like royal residence. 
  6. Masters of fourth house and tenth house are solid and inviting demonstrates the probability of much landed property. 
  7. Mercury put in fourth house demonstrates masterful house 
  8. Moon in the fourth house gives new house, local will construct a remark house however found of moving house frequently. Local will have fortune in terrains and horticulture. 
  9. Sun in fourth house demonstrates local will have legacy and will live in leaf rooftop house .positive Sun means responsibility for house yet feeble Sun speaks to loss of house 
  10. Jupiter in fourth solid and tough house 
  11. Sun + Ketu in fourth give unstable or delicate house which creates the love marriage problem but here you can solve it by the help of love marriage solution molvi ji
  12. Saturn + Rahu in fourth give old house or house made of rocks and stones 
  13. Venus in fourth gives dazzling house 
  14. Mars + Rahu in fourth give stone house 
  15. Moon+ Venus in fourth house give multistoried house. 
  16. Mars +Ketu in fourth house give block house. 
  17. Jupiter in fourth gives a place of timber, sun gives place of grass. 
  18. fourth master in its own/magnification/neighborly sign or a commended planet sitting in fourth house and ninth ruler in quadrant give a lovely house. 
  19. fourth ruler set in tenth house and tenth master joined with solid Mars in the fourth house builds conceivable outcomes of much landed properties | astrology home design |. 
  20. Ruler of marriage Venus is in fourth house with quality or if the master of fourth house is set in seventh house or if ruler of seventh and fourth are companions and conjunct local will get terrains or house through his better half.

The following charts are an illustration of how Vastu(stock) and Astrological planets are related to each other.

Ruling PlanetDirection
EastLiving Room, Bathroom (no toilet)
North-West Guest room, Bathroom, Grain Storage
NorthLiving (sitting) room, Safe
SouthKitchen, storeroom
South- WestMaster bedroom, heavy storage
North- EastWorship room, Living room
WestChildren’s Bedroom, Store room, Study

The arrangement of parts of your home in understanding to these significant headings assume a powerful job in close to home just as in general advancement of your family. Contingent upon your Sun sign, the course of arrangement of rooms in your home may change. You should accept the counsel of an expert who might investigate your signs and guide you in the perfect course. This would be founded on your Sun sign and the effect of the decision planet together with the directional power applied by the Vastu of your home. Notwithstanding, all in all, here is a portion of the standards that would assist you with harnessing positive vitality in a particular room. In a perfect world, these should be investigated while developing your home however you can generally do amendments and redesign as needs be.

In your living room:

  • Have a forward looking living zone 
  • The proprietor ought to confront the east or north course 
  • Different individuals can sit adjacent to or inverse the proprietor 
  • Have the principle entryway in the north region 
  • Having a ground surface at lower level helps give a decent sense to your family

In your bedroom:

  • Room entryway should open in any event 90 degrees 
  • Have satisfactory space to move and stay away from mess 
  • Guarantee your head focuses south as you rest 
  • Abstain from snoozing line with any sharp corners

In your kitchen:

  • South-East is the perfect course for a kitchen 
  • Hues like blue, red, green and yellow advance great wellbeing 
  • Fumes and gas ought to be put in the south-eastern corner 
  • Fridge and other electrical machines are to be kept in the southern corner 

These are a portion of the thumb guidelines pursued by the ‘Vastu Shastra’ for any home. Notwithstanding, it is constantly prescribed you counsel a rumored stargazer and look for direction explicit to your home and family for the harmony and success in your home.


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