Do Chocolate and Healthy Teeth get along well with each other?

Chocolate is the most essential part of deserts and gifts on various occasions and holidays. But it is the favorite of children of all ages and they can’t control themselves when they have plenty of it in front of them. But now there is good news for chocolate lovers that chocolate an actually improve oral health.
Do Chocolate and Healthy Teeth get along well with each other?

A change in the Concept

Yes, it is true as the latest research says that chocolate and especially the dark one can have several oral benefits. Emergency Dentist Tulsa is of the view that the type of chocolate that contains 70% of cocoa is the one that can give many advantages. So parents can give their children dark chocolate but with curtailed quantity.

General Health Benefits of Chocolate

It has been discussed in many other articles that oral health is closely related to the general health; so eating chocolate not only improves the condition of the teeth but also benefits the general health as well.
Do Chocolate and Healthy Teeth get along well with each other?
It has to be noted that the parents must control the amount and also the type of chocolate their children take.

High quantity of Nutrient

Have you ever felt a rush of energy running through your body after you have eaten a chocolate bar? This is because chocolate has a high quantity of nutrients in them. It contains loads of fiber, iron, potassium, copper, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc. It also has caffeine in it but the amount is little.

Making Blood Pressure stable

It stimulates the walls of the arteries that produce nitric oxide. This is essential because it sends a signal which indicates the arteries to relax. It stabilizes the flow of the blood that results in sustaining the blood pressure. If you want that your child has a stable blood pressure when he/ she grow old then introduce dark chocolate in the diet.

The balance between LDL and HDL

These two components are very important when doctors determine the ration of cholesterol. HDL also is known as the good cholesterol must be high and LDL which is the bad one should remain low. Dark chocolate increases the HDL and lowers the ratio of LDL in the blood. The ratio of HDL and LDL determine whether you will have the heart disease or not.

Protection from harmful Rays of the Sun

As the flow of the blood bets better, the skin gets denser and it keeps hydrated. It is best for protection from the sun as it has bioactive compounds. If your child is going out in the sun to play sports then give him/ her good amount of dark chocolate.

Growth of function of the Brain

It also helps in the growth of the brain cells in an advanced age. People who eat chocolate in their diets are at less risk of having various mental disorders.
Do Chocolate and Healthy Teeth get along well with each other?

How it is healthy for teeth according to Emergency Dentist Tulsa?

There are many oral benefits that chocolate can give to the child. You can ask about the advantages from professionals at Pediatric Dentist Tulsa and to your utmost surprise, they will tell you of the following dental health benefits of eating dark chocolate.

Polyphenols reduce oral bacteria

The Polyphenols are the chemicals that assist to decrease the growth of bacteria in the mouth. The children who have a bad breath problem must eat chocolate because it prevents the production of acid which is formed when sugar and starch gather on the teeth. It also helps the body to heal itself and lowers the risk of having a stroke.

Contains Antioxidants

The saliva in the mouth has the highest quantity of antioxidants which is best for fighting periodontal diseases. These are molecules that contribute majorly to keeping the whole body healthy. Basically, it maintains the good health of the cell structure that helps the body to stay healthy.

Tannins stop the building of plaque 

These are plant compounds that are present in several foods that your child eats. Tannins are the thing that gives the dark chocolate it is color and taste. The reason for tooth decay is that bacteria stick on the teeth because of the food particles. But this compound creates a wall between the bacteria and the teeth.

Flavonoids delay Tooth Decay

If you are worried that the teeth of your child are decaying fast then give him/ her dark chocolate to eat. This is an antioxidant which is derived from plants and diminishes the speed of teeth decay. As it also increases the flow of blood to other parts of the body as well as the teeth; the growth of teeth will be in perfect speed and rate.

Avoid the Sugar Content

The Emergency Dentist Tulsa warns not to be confused between dark and ordinary chocolate. As the other ones contain sugar and its byproducts so it can damage teeth rather than helping them. But still, parents are advised to regulate the intake of chocolate and always follow the good oral habits.


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