Indian Tourist Visa for Cruise Ship & Business Visa Application Process


The Indian Tourist Visa for Cruise Ship & Apply for Indian Business Visa is required by all foreign nationals intending to visit India for a short-term or extended stay. You should not purchase air tickets before obtaining your visa, as the process may take longer than you anticipate. However, you cannot blame the High Commission of India for delays. Here’s a guide to help you complete the application process. Read on to learn the documents required, the validity of the visa, and the application fee.

Obtaining an eVisa

The electronic visa for Indian travellers is the fastest and most cost-effective way of getting your visa. There are two types of electronic visas: the e-Tourist Visa and the e-Business Visa. Both of these visa types are processed through the same online application process. You can learn more about the process by reading on. In addition, you can view an example of an e-visa and view frequently asked questions.

Obtaining an eVisa is faster than applying for a single-entry visa. You will have 24 hours to complete your application and get your visa – this is a major time-saver, particularly if you’re traveling on a cruise ship. If you’re travelling with children, make sure you apply for an eVisa instead. You can complete the entire process online and get it faster than ever before.

Documents required

The Indian tourist visa for cruise ships allows you to visit India for up to two ports of call. This type of visa is meant for recreation and sightseeing in India, not for business purposes. Before you apply for this type of visa, you must ensure that your cruise ship will be making port calls within 48-72 hours of the time you apply. In case you are unable to get your visa within these times, you may opt for the Indian emergency service. This service is not guaranteed.

To apply for an Indian Tourist visa, you will need to present a valid passport with two blank pages, a recent photo, and details of your itinerary. You will also need copies of your flight tickets or proof of your residential address. You may also be required to provide a letter of reference from a local employer or sponsoring company, specifying the purpose of your visit.


The application process for an Indian Tourist Visa requires a valid passport with at least two blank pages. It also requires a photo that meets the requirements. Typically, most passport photos will do. Along with the photo, you must provide your personal information and the details of your trip. Your application will typically be processed within one to four business days. After your application has been processed, you can expect to receive a response from immigration within the next few days.

Conventional visa applications must be filed in advance. Conventional visas are the most common form of visa application. They can be either paper or electronic. The conventional application process requires that you submit the necessary documents via mail. You must know your itinerary and ports of embarkation and anchorage to make sure you have all the necessary documents. The electronic visa application process is not required for cruise ship passengers. However, you must have an ordinary passport with a six-month validity.


Those who are traveling to India on a cruise ship or on a business trip must apply for a Tourist Visa before they depart for their destination. The Indian Tourist Visa is valid for one year and allows multiple entries. The validity of an eVisa is ninety days, but it can be extended for up to 180 days. A visitor can also apply for an eVisa, which allows them to obtain a visa stamp upon arrival in India.

Before the year 2020, all cruise ship passengers must share their biometric data with the Indian government. This process was too cumbersome and didn’t work well for the passengers. As a result, the requirement was temporarily suspended until a better way is found. However, those with an Indian Business Visa or Medical Visa may continue to travel to India via cruise ships. However, the process of applying for an eVisa is not as simple as it used to be.


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