Is John Nash The Real Satoshi Nakamoto?

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If you follow the Cryptoknowmics website, then you will certainly get to know about how to buy cryptocurrency in India. Well, you’ve got the best guide to search for any crypto topic, but there is one that needs to be discussed regarding the real founder of Bitcoin. Now you will say, what is the need for such discussion when everyone is familiar with who is the founder of the leading cryptocurrency. Your answer would certainly come as Satoshi Nakamoto. But do you know there has been much discussion on who is the actual Satoshi Nakamoto? According to some sources, the name of John Nash has also come for being the actual Satoshi. But is it true? Let us find more about it.

Who Is John Nash? 

John Nash is a notable mathematician and economist of the United States. Long before, there have been theories brewing across the internet claiming Nash to be the actual Satoshi Nakamoto. Well, it won’t be wrong to call it a fake or rumour, because there has been evidence that indicates him being the original creator of Bitcoin.

Many people since the previous decade doubted Nash being the original curator of king cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. five years back, there came a post with all research saying John Nash, the creator of digital ledger, blockchain technology must be the real Satoshi Nakamoto. 

If you watch movies, then you must have watched ‘’A Beautiful Mind’’. This movie was inspired by John Nash’s life. This person has won accolades for being a renowned mathematician, researcher, and economist too. This genius had received an award for a movie that was much related to his life. 

Nobel Prize Winner

John Nash is also a recipient of the Nobel prize award for his tremendous contribution to his related field that is economics. This learned PhD holder had written a thesis on games that are not cooperative. Six years back, John Nash was being speculated for being the mysterious person behind the face of Satoshi Nakamoto. Many bitcoin enthusiasts had even pitched the two persons, Satoshi and Nash.

More estimations are pointing to John Nash’s involvement in a project and have speculated that some genius minds are behind the curation of Bitcoin. Coming on to another evidence in the form of an editorial question asking about John Nash’s role in founding Bitcoin.

Description Of Bitcoin By John Nash

John Nash even narrated about Bitcoin being the ideal digital money that would benefit people with global savings, as they have been prone to money that doesn’t have any certainty in its value and getting affected by inflation. The description of Bitcoin as ideal money by John Nash stirred headlines all over in the media after it got published. One of the headlines even wrote about the need for stable currency according to Noble Laureate John Nash. It was during when the whitepaper of Bitcoin also came into being.

There have many decades now ever since the theory of Bitcoin’s real founder floored the web and headlines. But now there is no such follow up of coverage since John Nash is no more with us. People did try to join the linking thread between Satoshi and Nash, but no results have come so far.


John Nash must be known for the creation of the popular crypto coin, Bitcoin. But now since he is no more with us, so it becomes more difficult to prove the fact. John Nash is a renowned PhD and Noble laureate genius, who has contributed to the field of economy and mathematics, which is why he is known as a top economist and mathematician. After he passed away, the identity of the pseudonym Bitcoin remained continued with the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. You can even check for videos of John Nash to know more about the matter. Stay abreast with Cryptoknowmics to know the easiest way to buy cryptocurrency.


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