New Zealand Visa For Argentine and Brazilian Citizens


If you are an Argentine citizen, you will need a New Zealand visa before you can visit the country. Your current passport is essential for this process. Argentine citizens with other nationalities should also use the same passport to apply. Upon approval of your application, your new visa will be linked to the passport you state when you apply. Lastly, you will need to pay the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority, or eTA, fee. Both eTA fees and the tourist levy will be included in the costs.


In order to enter New Zealand, citizens of Argentina and Brazil must apply for a visa online. In order to apply, Argentinians must submit their current passports and other relevant travel documents. In the case of citizens of Argentina with other nationalities, they must use the same passport. The eTA is linked to the passport indicated at the time of application. The cost of a New Zealand visa for Brazil and Argentina citizens includes the eTA charge and the tourist levy.

The cost of a New Zealand visa for Argentina & Brazil citizens depends on the purpose of your trip. The working holiday visa is good for multiple trips to New Zealand. This type of visa is valid for up to one year and is not renewable. It is only available to Argentina & Brazil citizens and other nationalities who meet certain requirements. Applicants must apply at least three months in advance of their trip.


A valid Argentinian passport is necessary to apply for a New Zealand visa. Argentine citizens with other nationalities must use the same passport. The New Zealand visa for Argentina citizens will be linked to the passport the Argentine indicates at the time of application. For Brazilian citizens, a completed online New Zealand visa application form can be submitted for a quick visa application. The application must include a photocopy of the passport page, the applicant’s name, address, and email address.

A New Zealand visitor visa is required to enter a Schengen area country. Citizens of Argentina and Brazil must obtain a national long-stay ‘D’ visa before entering New Zealand. However, they can enter Hungary visa-free if they spend at least three months in the Schengen area. To apply for a Schengen visa, New Zealand citizens must be 18 or younger.

Application process

For Argentine & Brazilian citizens, the application process for a NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR BRAZILIAN CITIZENS begins with a visit to the Argentine Consulate. To be eligible for this visa, the applicant must be a member of a registered Argentine institution or work for a registered Argentine company. Once the DNM office approves your application, the Consulate in your home country stamps your passport with the appropriate visa.

The next step of the application process for a New Zealand visa for Argentina & Brazil citizens is the payment for the visa. You will need a valid email account to sign up for an eTA account and pay the required tourist levy. You must also have a valid email address, as any mistakes in this process can delay the review process. The application process for an Argentina & Brazil passport takes less than five minutes. The applicant must provide their passport page number, name, email address, and email address.

Requirements for obtaining a visa

Those looking to travel to New Zealand should apply for a tourist visa if they are an Argentinian national. However, if they are planning to travel for business purposes, they must apply for a business visa instead. In order to apply for a business visa, an Argentinian must be invited to an exhibition or requested by an Argentine company.

The Working Holiday Visa Programme is open to people from Chile, Germany and Argentina. It provides visitors with 12 months’ validity for travel to the country. They are also allowed to extend their stay for an additional three months. This means that they can spend up to nine months in Argentina. There is no maximum period for the duration of a Working Holiday Visa. If you plan to visit several countries, you should look into the Work Holiday Visa Program to see what’s available.

Countries requiring a ‘D’ visa/residence permit

The first step in applying for a New Zealand visa for Argentinian and Brazilian citizens is to fill out an online application form. The process will take around five minutes to complete and requires the information found on the passport page. The applicant’s name, address, and email address are also required. A valid passport must be presented. After paying the required fees, the application is processed. Upon approval, the Argentinian or Brazilian will receive a confirmation email.

The ‘D’ visa is issued to non-EU citizens who want to stay in the country for a minimum of three months. This visa is necessary for working holiday, study, or other purposes. It is also required if the non-EU citizen intends to stay in a Schengen country for more than three months. The application form must be completed in full and signed twice.

Requirements for obtaining an eTA

If you are an Argentine citizen or a Brazilian citizen, you can get an eTA for New Zealand online, but there are some requirements to meet. For Argentina citizens, you will need a current passport. For Brazilian citizens, you must also have another nationality to apply for a New Zealand visa. You must also be in good health and free from any criminal records. An eTA will take about five minutes to complete. For Brazilians, you will need to provide your name, email address, and passport page.

Argentine and Brazilian citizens may also apply for a New Zealand eTA. A valid eTA allows them to enter the country for multiple entries for 90 days. For Americans, Canadians, and British citizens, the new eTA will allow them to stay for up to three months. ETAs will also allow airline crew to visit the country, and these eTAs are valid for five years.


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