Best Parks in Shenzhen That Add to This Green City’s Appeal

Parks in Shenzhen
Parks in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a coastal city that connects Hong Kong to mainland China. Once a tiny fishing village, now Shenzhen has developed into a vast metropolis. This area of China is also called the green city for its prolonged focus on keeping nature alive. The government of China continues to refine the local parks of Shenzhen and devoting a sustainable amount of energy into it. 

Parks are a place to get away from everyday routines and take in the fresh, clean airspaces and wondrous sceneries. Here is a curated list of all the best parks in Shenzhen that will amaze you. 

Shenzhen Lianhuashan Park: The Beauty of an Urban Park

Also known as the Lotus Hill Park, this green space is a popular attraction in China. The south zone of the park houses a forest of coconut trees covering 80,000 square meters. An artificial lake set over 30,000 square meters complements the surrounding greenery. The park also features a number of rare tropical and subtropical trees and a small mountain. 

It is a natural oxygen bar in the city center covered in tropical and subtropical trees. The park features the Lianhua Mountain which is a relatively easy trek to the top. Once you are on the peak, the panoramic view will show you the true beauty of this park.  

A bronze statue of Deng Xiaoping, the proclaimed architect of modern China, sits on this mountain. Many people visit the statue to pay their respects to this politician that helped shape the country after Chairman Mao’s death. 

It is the main and most central park in all of Shenzhen and covers a whopping 150 hectares. The place is vibrant with aerobic groups and dancers showing off their talents. Even if the greenery does not intrigue you, the talented people who spend hours perfecting their art surely will. 

Lychee Park: Wander Around Exotic Marvels 

Established in 1982, Lychee is one of the oldest and best parks in Shenzhen. Its name comes from the fact that the park was built around a forest of Lychee trees. During the fruiting season in May, you can pick countless lychees off the green grass. This green area also houses other exotic trees like Betel, Indian Rubber and Banyan trees.

The nine cornered bridge that crosses over the lake adds to the area’s stunning scenery. Although Lychee park is not as big, it is still considered as one of the best parks in Shenzhen.    

Baishilong Music Park: Sway to Classical Melody

The first musical themed park in Shenzhen is the Baishilong Music Park set up in 2019. This is a fairly new park and considered medium in size by Shenzhen standards. It covers 116,000 square meters and is a hub for culture and sports. Like most of the best parks in Shenzhen, this one is also clean and green but also very unique. 

As you walk into the park, classical melodies can be heard from the hidden speakers dotted around the area. This park also features a big bust of Beethoven, a saxophone player and a giant gramophone structure. The viewing platform at this park is the takeaway, as you climb the 196 stairs you will find yourself among sheer beauty accompanied by melodic piano rhythms.  

Shenzhen Bay Park: The Perfect Fusion of Sports and Leisure

This 13km park stretches from the Futian Mangrove Bird Nature Reserve in the east and the bridge connecting Hong Kong to Shenzhen in the west. Opened in 2011, this humongous park features the Shenzhen Bay Coastal Leisure Belt and the Mangrove Seashore Ecological Park.  

This park is ideal for bird watching among unparalleled natural beauty and fresh air. Many people visit this green space to see the suspension bridge and the 13 regional sport parks. This perfect blend of sports and leisure has made it one of the best parks in Shenzhen. 

Shenzhen is known for its huge number of parks but out of them all, these 4 parks stand out. Now you know about the best parks in Shenzhen and all you gotta do is book flight tickets. To make things easier, visit the iEagle website that will shortlist all the available airlines depending on your requirement. 


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