Reasons why you need to see a dermatologist


Unlike most of the medical specialists, dermatologists are very less likely to be on your priority lists. Derma care is essential in your life because most of the time any skin or hair problems comes unnoticed and may cause problems. It could be a simple mole that turned into a root of an infection or could be acne that went wrong. Consulting a dermatologist should be your priority to be on the safer side. Another problem why a dermatologist is needed in your life is when you live in a tropical region or a region with many different weathers. Lahore is an example of such a region where the weather changes occur but do not go to any extremes. This all could be troublesome for the skin.

If you are living in Lahore or near it, you must’ve noticed the quick changes that come with the weather and the problems with the skins. If you’re looking for a dermatologist, you should consult the best dermatologists in Lahore, for better guidance.

Why you need a dermatologist

  • Acne and it’s not going away

Acne is the most common skin condition that causes blemishes on the skin of the face, neck, back and many other parts of the body. They can be cured or treated with homemade or natural remedies and over the counter medicine, but at times it tends to stay longer. Duration of it aside, if it’s on your face there’s a problem of it leaving behind permanent scars and you don’t want that in your life. A proper checkup and appointment with your dermatologists will not only save you from acne, the doctor would give you a better remedy for the scars.

  • Moles

Moles are a very common phenomenon and there can be numerous on an adult’s body that can appear anywhere. Although moles are not posing any harm or a problem, you need to be wary of them if they are changing sizes or shapes. It wouldn’t matter if it was there since your birth or it just recently appeared, if the mole behaves unnaturally you need to consult your doctor. It could be a sign of melanoma, a type of skin cancer. It can grow near the mole and it is easily curable if caught early. 

If your moles bleed, feel itchy, and get sore you need to get it checked. It can be a symptom of growing skin cancer or other problems regarding derma.

  • Infections

There are numerous bacteria, viruses, fungal and parasitic infections that require the attention of a dermatologist.  Respectively cellulitis, herpes, athlete’s foot, lice and mites can be reasons for any infection which can be very harmful if it develops. 

Ingrown toenails are one of the discrete conditions that is irritating and might lead to various fungal and bacterial infections if they are left untreated. 

  • Dry, itchy skin or Eczema

The seasonal changes may lead to dandruff, dryness or itchy skin. It’s a normal condition. If it stays longer than a few days or a week it may be an underlying cause of eczema. Eczema overshadows many chronic skin diseases with various symptoms. Eczema can affect children too, a type called atopic dermatitis. It causes swelling, rash and at times fluid may secrete from the affected area. Over the counter helps ease the symptoms or cure it, but it’s better to get an opinion of a specialist. 

  • Aging

Simply put, as you grow older everything changes. You’re losing hair, you got bags under your eyes, you’re starting to get wrinkles, age spots, there are numerous things you go through. Although it’s a natural phenomenon which cannot be stopped, it can be catered. Dermatologists can aid you with any skincare help, smoothing wrinkles, hair transplant, laser therapies, or botox injections for many things to look better. A dermatologist can help you through a lot in time like this.


Skincare is an important part of healthcare. From scars to infection and hair loss to aging skin, a dermatologist can help you alleviate all your skin related problems. That includes cancer as well, a regular visit, even once a month can help you diagnose it in time. There are many problems that dermatologists can save you from.


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