Services Offered by Economic Development Firms

Man having a business meeting and signing a contract, recruitment or agreement.

Many firms offer economic development services to new businesses in hopes of growing the city’s tax base. Some common services include help negotiating with city government or utilities, finding office space or housing, and legal support for zoning codes.

A few examples of these companies’ most popular economic development services are listed below.

Negotiating Leases or Contracts

An important service a company like Team Volusia provides is negotiating leases or contracts for commercial properties. For example, some companies may negotiate lower rents for office space for new businesses. This service allows smaller firms to start up without needing as much capital to pay higher rents and thus encourages entrepreneurship. Furthermore, this service may benefit the economic development company because it brings in more businesses.

Finding Office Space or Housing

Companies also offer various other services for entrepreneurs starting up. For example, many s help businesses find office space or housing by posting advertisements on bulletin boards and offering training programs. This service may benefit the economic development company. It brings in more businesses to fill these spaces.

Assistance With Finding Employees

Some companies offer services aimed at helping entrepreneurs manage their business’s growth once it is established. For example, some companies offer assistance with finding employees to help a business grow. This service is vital in the economic development of a company. It helps in making more money.

Legal Support

Economic development companies also offer legal support for businesses. For example, one service provides legal support for business owners who need to negotiate with local government or utility companies. This service benefits the economic development company because it brings in more businesses.

Economic development companies offer various services that benefit new businesses and communities. These services are good for the city. They make it easier for smaller firms to start up, encourage entrepreneurship, and prevent businesses from moving out because they cannot find proper facilities. These services are good for economic development companies because they bring in more business.


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