Becoming a Therapist

Do You Need Outpatient or Inpatient Drug Therapy?

Becoming a therapist may be the best career option for you. The work is challenging but it can also be deeply satisfying. As a therapist, you’ll work with a variety of different people and help them live full, meaningful lives. However, there are some things you should consider before you start practicing.

What Would You Like to Pursue?

The first step on your journey to becoming a therapist is deciding what type of therapist you want to be. Therapists come in all shapes and sizes, with different areas of expertise. You could work with children, families, recovering addicts, and so on.

What Education Should You Get?

You should research different therapeutic approaches and schools that offer training in those approaches. If you love psychology and want to help people with behavioral health problems, then earning a doctorate in clinical psychology may be the best option. If you prefer helping people through individual psychotherapy, then conducting a post-graduate year of supervised internship may be enough for you.

What Will You Do After Graduation?

You should think about what you might need to do after graduation. This will include getting a license and preparing your resume. You will also want to consider where you’ll be working, as therapists often need to get supervised clinical experience before they can work independently. On top of this, as you work, you may want to get continuing education through a training academy Springfield IL.

If you’re a committed, empathetic, and open-minded person, you may be cut out to do therapy. Some days will be easier than others, and you might have to handle some upsetting situations. You could also wind up with a demanding schedule that leaves you little time for yourself. However, with the right mindset, you can get the most out of your career and become a more fulfilled person.


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