Which Marble Countertops is Best for the Kitchen?

Which Marble Countertops is Best for the Kitchen?

You will see many homes that have marble countertops in their kitchens. From the living room to the kitchen to the bathroom, marble is nearly everywhere. The reason is not just that it is pleasing to your eyes. In addition, it is heat-resistant and offers unique aesthetics as it gets old. The question is. Which kitchen marble countertops are the best?

Well, to answer that, we will have to go into its origin and source. So, the best marble comes from two main sources: Italy and India. Both Italian and Indian marble stones have their specifics. Also, they are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and veining patterns. Let’s have a look at both the origins of this stone.

Italian marble:

The marble that comes from Italy has a high-quality, pearly white surface. Similarly, it has a lusty natural outlook. Also, it is soft and is available in 18-20 mm thickness slabs. But, Italian marble is highly porous, so it is only good for kitchens with a high-quality seal. In the same way, chemically correct sealers are there for their top surface. You can find it in white, grey, blue and rose colors.

Indian marble:

Gathered from different regions in India, Indian marble differs from the Italian source. This marble is harder than the other one. Similarly, it is less lustrous and luxurious than Italian stone. But, it comes in a variety of thicknesses which makes it better for kitchen marble countertops. Also, their marble is eco-friendly and requires less care and protection than the other one. It is available in grey, white, black, yellow, and red.

Now that you know about marble’s sources, let’s move on towards its best types. So, here is the list of some marble countertops that are best for your kitchen use:

  1. Carrera marble
  2. Statuary marble
  3. Calacatta marble
  4. Crema Marfil
  5. Makrana marble
  6. Calacatta gold
  7. Pietra grey marble
  8. Natural stone

Carrera marble:

This marble is one of the best for kitchen countertops. Many people prefer these marble slabs over others. Also, it comes from the origin of Italy. In the same way, it is usually in a white base with blue or gray veining patterns.

Moreover, Carrera marble is perfect for a modern kitchen setup. You can pair it with wooden cabinets and butcher blocks. It will give a rustic touch to your kitchen. With a quality sealant and finish, it will last for a long time.  

Statuary marble:

This marble also comes from the same as the Carrera region. Statuary kitchen marble countertops are classic and pure stones. Also, they are usually white and have fewer veining patterns. But, they come in various finishes. That is why their final look depends on the finish you give them. Well, they have a transparent beauty for any classic style kitchen. Also, it is glossier than Carrera marble.

Calacatta marble:

Calacatta gold marble is the rarest and the expensive marble slab. It is also from Tuscany, Italy. Also, it comes with beautiful variations in colors and veining patterns. From grey to gold tallow, you may have any color that suits your cooking area.

So, if you want the most luxurious look for your kitchen, go for calacatta gray with a polished finish. In the same way, you can add more luxury to it by choosing silver hardware. That is why this marble has a high market and resale value.

Crema Marfil:

This type of marble stone originates from Spain. Also, it differs from other white marbles in its looks and variety. In addition, it goes from beige to deep yellow. So, it has a perfect neutral color that beats the beauty of other pure white marbles. Due to its natural look and texture, it is less costly as compared to other marble slabs. So, if you have a dark set of cabinets, go for Crema Marfil counters.

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Makrana marble:

Well, this marble comes from the regions of India. These stone slabs have a distinctive veining pattern with grain-like specs on the top. Also, its color range goes from pure white to grey. Similarly, it has warm and deep tones that go perfectly with white or dark-toned kitchens. Also, it gives a unique texture to your cooking space.

Calacatta gold:

This calacatta gold is the best option for a timeless appeal. Even if it gets old, it does not lose its charm. But this one comes from Atlanta. It has a lasting construction and basis. Also, the gold veining pattern shines bright on its top surface. If you wish to have a luxury outlook, go for a Calcutta gold marble counter. Also, pair it with neutral cabinets and brass hardware. You will be amazed by the final look.

Pietra Grey marble:

This grey is another choice for kitchen marble countertops. If you prefer a matte look in counters, opt for this Pietra grey top. Also, it comes from Atlanta, Georgia. It has a smooth flat matte surface that goes with every type of kitchen. So, you can pair it with a dark grey or black backdrop.

Natural stone:

Well, if you are one of those people who prefer natural stone-look, try out natural marble. This material is known for its durability. Also, it is a natural stone that can handle the daily wear and tear of your kitchen. So, for a busy home, use natural marble look in your place.


There are several choices in marble & granite countertops cost. You can choose any marble that has an original basis. Both Indian and Italian kitchen marble countertops can work. So, go for Carrera, statuary, or crème Marfil marble slabs. In addition, calacatta grey and gold are also the best choices for classic kitchen space. Also, check out the best marble kitchen slabs at Silver Marble Granite.

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