Sole representative visa eligibility and suitability requirements

Sole representative visa eligibility and suitability requirements
Sole representative visa eligibility and suitability requirements

Sole representative visa is primarily designed for those who seek to enter in the UK to establish a branch of an already established business overseas.

This route is suitable for those representing a media house, broadcasting agency, newspaper agency, or an overseas business.

This route is a direct opportunity for settling in the UK and eventually seeking British citizenship. Your spouse and children can also benefit with this visa.

Validity confirmation as a sole representative

Getting entry clearance is the basic requirement, you must make an online application from the official website of the UK government( under the ‘other work’ section of ‘apply for visa from outside the UK’ form. Another way could be applying using the permission to stay form, from the FLR(IR) category.

Furthermore, the candidate probably must give any necessary biometrics scanning details, any expense and Immigration Health Charge probably been paid,  the candidate probably gave an identification or other travel archive which acceptably sets up their character and ethnicity, the applicant must be at least 18 years old as on the date of application.

Should any applicant ever receive any international scholarship or a government authorised grant in the previous 12 months which can cover the study cost and accommodation expenses prior to the application, an official government letter must be furnished.

The applicant must have never or been granted either of the visas as a Visitor, a Short-term Student, a Parent of a Child Student, a Seasonal Worker, a Domestic Worker in a Private Household or any other visa outside the Immigration Rules.

Suitability requirements

Except paragraph 39E of the immigration rules, which confirms any time period of overstay would be disregarded, the individual must never breach any UK laws or become a national security threat. Further, the visa seeker must never have received immigration bail in his/her lifetime.

If these conditions are met then only the applications considered genuine to proceed with.

Eligibility requirements

The eligibility criteria is further divided into work, finance, English language requirements as per the sole representative visa guidance.

  • Work requirements

The most basic work requirement involves an active trading business firm with a full fledged presence in the UK.

The main organisation should be stationed outside the UK to control the operations.

Both the firms must have similar business activities. The representative individual must be hired and employed by the overseas firm and shall work as a full-time employee in the UK on behalf of the overseas business firm. Of key requirements is the ability to take decisions in the UK branch on behalf of the parent organisation.

The organisation’s branch in the UK must be proven genuine.

On the individual level, your employment details, yearly package, job offer letter, working hours, etc must be proven to the UK Home Office.

  • Financial requirements

The financial requirements set forth in the Appendix of Immigration regulations highlight that the representative individual must never seek to access public funds for his/her benefits. If there are family members coming to the UK, then their accommodation, and every other expense must be borne by the representative itself.

  • English language proficiency requirements

As a representative to business in the UK you must prove A1 level English proficiency as per CEFR or equivalent.

What’s next in the application process?

Once the validity, eligibility and suitability of the sole rep visa is fulfilled the caseworker proceeds with your application decision.

This may take about 3 weeks to complete the procedure and is charged with a £610 fee. You must take legal assistance from A Y & J Solicitors to secure a successful sole rep visa. Their bespoke advice has led to over 4000 clients gaining sole rep visa hassle free and 100% customer satisfaction reputation.


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