Star Swim Schools Review

Star Swim Schools Review

Star Swim Schools provides an ideal learning experience for adults and children alike. Their year-round program helps accelerate your child’s advancement through levels more rapidly. Star is proud to be recognized as a Pure Local Business; all reviews written by members of the public must first be approved by them before being published online.

Learn to Swim

Kids can learn to swim year-round with qualified instruction in a safe and warm water environment with lessons conducted in an indoor pool heated between 32-33%, providing children an introduction to the swimming environment while alleviating worries over exposure to cooler outdoor waters.

Learn to Swim programs run for 49 weeks of each year to provide students with consistent training and an opportunity to progress quickly through levels. Each center also offers school holiday programs to give your child extra help retaining skills over the holidays.

These programs should not replace weekly swimming lessons as children may struggle to acquire new skills during the holidays. Swimming five consecutive days throughout the holidays offers additional guided practice to minimize downtime between sessions.

Baby Swimming Lessons

Swimming can be another important developmental milestone for your baby. Not only can it aid physical and cognitive growth, but it’s also a fun social activity you can enjoy together as parent and child.

Baby swimming lessons Cranbourne are small group lessons taught in clean pool water by highly-experienced instructors that create an engaging learning environment, and small class sizes, and foster an instructor-child relationship that encourages your child to test his or her boundaries.

Classes begin at six months and follow the Red Cross Turtle 1 lesson progression. Your child will become acquainted with the pool environment through water activities, games, songs, toys and flotation devices such as toys for flotation devices; as well as learning breathing and buoyancy skills such as front/back float and streamlining.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Fun times on and around water abound – from backyard pool parties with kids to beach vacations. But adults need the skills and confidence to join in the festivities even if they never learned how to swim as children.

Adult swimming lessons provide a progressive curriculum designed to form the basis of aquatic education. We cover skills ranging from entry, floating and movement in the water to breathing techniques and body balance – led by qualified instructors in small groups for a rewarding experience tailored specifically to individual needs, challenges and goals – from everyday lap swimmers to triathletes – our program is tailored for everyone regardless of age or ability!

Private Lessons

Private lessons offer students who require more individualized attention an ideal solution, including anxious first-time swimmers, children with special needs, and adults who’ve put off learning to swim for whatever reason. Furthermore, competitive swimmers require targeted instruction in specific skills that require specific instruction – this option may also work well as lower impact forms of exercise for former runners and athletes looking for new ways to keep in shape.

Star Swim Schools Pty Ltd can be found in Victoria State at 2/1 Normanby Street and you can access more information by visiting its website.

Star Swimming classes Cranbourne & Clyde provides swimming lessons to ladies Monday-Friday between 3.30pm and 4.30pm for 30 minutes, starting from $** (ASK OR CONTACT THEM VIA WEBSITE) per lesson. To book, call to reserve one – they accept all major credit cards.


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