Tablets Vs Laptops: Which Is Better for Gaming?

Tablets Vs Laptops
Tablets Vs Laptops

Are you a new gamer looking for a way to play games on the go?

If so, then you have probably begun looking into which option is better for immersive gaming – a tablet or a laptop. Most gamers know that, when it comes to hardcore gaming with the best graphics, stationary devices like a PC offer the best performance, but these are not ideal if you want to travel and game at the same time. You may even have considered using your mobile phone, which is okay, but many people want a screen that is a bit bigger.

So, in this article, a cross-comparison of gaming tablets and computers will be conducted, round by round, focusing on the core aspects that are treasured by gamers, so you can decide which one is right for you.

Round 1- Which Is More Portable?

If you are looking for either a tablet or a laptop, you want a portable device.

While both are, the tablet is undoubtedly the most portable. They vary between 8-10 inches in size and range between 300-700 grams in weight. On the contrary, you would be hard-pressed to find a laptop in that weight range, as even the lighter ones weigh 900 grams. However, for more information on the weight of the tablet or laptop you want, head to

Winner: Tablet.

Round 2- Display

Interestingly, while laptops have larger screens, many tablets have better image quality. This is simply due to the pixel density and resolution.

1080p, which is standard for a laptop, will look much better on a smaller screen. However, some gamers state that with smaller screens, the game is less immersive. So, for this point, it seems to be a matter of personal preference.

Winner: Both.

Round 3- Storage

A tablet and a laptop handle storage differently.

However, laptops have the advantage, as even the lower end of the cost spectrum for laptops can offer 500 GB of storage. Tablets, on the other hand, can often have as little as 8 GB, meaning there is less room for saving games. With laptops, you can also swap the drive, giving more capacity overall.

Winner: Laptop.

Round 4- Operating System

A tablet will usually use iOS or Android operating systems, but a laptop can have the same OS as a PC.

This means that if you can play your favorite game on a PC, you will be able to play it on a laptop. Sadly, this is not the case with tablets. Tablets are ideal for casual gaming but for more serious players, laptops are more versatile.

Winner: Laptop.

Round 5- Hardware

As mentioned earlier, tablets are aimed at efficiency, meaning that they are powered by mobile chips. Laptops are just PCs that you can carry around, which can be a bit bulkier than a tablet.

A laptop’s hardware means it can do anything a tablet can, but the downside is it will be heavier and less able to cope with damage, as there are more moving parts.

Winner: Tablet.



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