The Best Freight Agent Programs

The Best Freight Agent Programs

The shipping of goods and services is a key part of modern life and the millions of pounds of goods that travel across the country every year supply stores with goods, products, and food. Some shipments come straight to your door. A freight agent serves a valuable role in helping supply chains function. In this role, you perform the important service of connecting shippers and the carriers who move their goods. If you’re looking for a career change working as a freight agent can be an excellent idea as it is a profession whose services are highly sought after. Luckily, if you want to enter this exciting and useful industry there are many training programs to help you achieve that goal. When looking for the best freight agent programs there are several factors to keep in mind and here are five to consider.

The Five Best Freight Agent Programs

  1. Transport Training International: among training programs Transport Training International is noted for the flexibility and options they offer potential students. They offer a full five-day program in Georgia and Dallas, Texas aimed at helping beginners acquire the needed skills to succeed in the industry. They also offer other professional assistance. For an additional fee, they do offer placement services. Online courses are also offered if distance or location is an issue.
  2. Brooke Transportation Training Solutions: a company that grew from humble beginnings Brooke Transportation offers classes in Texas, North Carolina, Florida, and California. Brooke Transportation Training Solutions offers a highly detailed five-day course covering all the key areas of the business. A well-established company their classes are small and taught by industry veterans. 
  3. Load Training: was founded decades ago by David Dwindle. What makes Load training unique is that they established themselves in the pre-internet age when information was a lot harder to come by. Because of this their educational courses focused on not just what you need to know but also how to avoid common errors, as knowing what not to do can be every bit as important. Load training offers a variety of courses, including an online option and more traditional classes with 5 and 7-day options available. 
  4. American Broker Academy: based out of Seattle, the American Broker Academyoffers an assortment of classes in the transportation industry including agents, truck drivers, and others. A feature of their training program is that their classes are modeled after a traditional workday as a freight agent. Their program is also focused on the important details of the job including software and finding good pricing. While the ABA offers courses around the country their full five-day freight agent course is only available in person in Seattle. 
  5. Tallgrass Freight’s Freight Brokerage Program: finally, the top pick in this list is Tallgrass Freight’s freight brokerage program. What sets Tallgrass apart is its worker-focused company culture. Benefits such as good pay, insurance, and work location flexibility are just some reasons to join their program. By joining them you also get the support of a stable and established company that has won many awards in the industry. 

Final Thoughts

Changing your career can be a scary thing and one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is finding a good career path. It can be hard knowing what to do and what industry will both reward your efforts and offer you the greatest odds of success. Becoming a freight agent gives you an opportunity to make money in an in-demand field while also getting a lot of freedom in how you approach the work while still have the support of a larger company. Enrolling in a freight agent program is the first step to acquiring the skills you need to take control of your career. 


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