4 Skills All Preschoolers Need To Learn

4 Skills All Preschoolers Need To Learn

Once you become a parent, you are faced with a whole slew of challenges you never even knew existed. For many parents, preparing their children for success at school is a paramount concern. To make sure you tackle what matters most, consider these four important skills that every preschooler should know. 

1. Sharing

Many young children struggle with sharing, whether it is a favorite toy, food or the attention of other people. As a parent, you can work to establish this as a normal practice early. Research effective strategies to encourage sharing, such as modeling appropriate behavior and having them practice taking turns. 

2. Communication

Back and forth conversations may seem like a thing of the past, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Young children need to learn how to communicate with the world around them. That means listening to others, asking questions, processing information, and responding. It also means sharing their own thoughts and opinions in an appropriate manner. That may seem like a big reach for many small children, but the best preschools in Jacksonville FL will support the development of these communications skills. 

3. Fine Motor Control

Contrary to popular belief, being able to pick things up and handle them with care doesn’t just happen. Fine motor control is a skill that small children must learn. Arts and crafts and manipulative toys are a couple of fun ways to help your youngest family members master this vital skill. 

4. Conflict Resolution

Sure, many adults are lacking in conflict resolution skills. That doesn’t mean it is too much to ask of young children. Even toddlers should learn proper ways to express their emotions and respond to challenging social situations in a constructive way.

Preschool is about so much more than learning to read and write. It is a place where young children learn how to function within their surrounding world by mastering skills such as fine motor control, sharing, effective communication and how to handle conflict. 


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