How Redesigning Your Cosmetic Boxes Can Affect Your Brand?

Cosmetic box packaging is an integral part of the marketing plan as it’s a selling point for many customers. For this reason, when you change your packaging design it affects your brand, sales and cost in numerous ways. While some companies change their packaging as a way to boost sales, others do so to reduce costs.
How Redesigning Your Cosmetic Boxes Can Affect Your Brand?
If you are contemplating to change your cosmetic box design, read the following results to determine the effects of embracing the novel solution.

Effective Product Promotion

If you are dealing in a niche that has stiff competition or where hundreds of beauty products are already vying for customers’ attention, changing the shape, style, color, size or other features of the packaging can help your product stand above the rest. An ideal way to leave a lasting impressing on customers is by visiting the retail stores where your items will be put on display. It will give you a good idea how they’ll compete with similar products in the market and what changes you can bring to draw customers.
How Redesigning Your Cosmetic Boxes Can Affect Your Brand?
A quick way to catch the customer’s eyes is by adding temporary messages such as benefits of using the product, price discount or product award can influence your target audience to buy from you.

Reduce Packaging Cost

We get it, price is the important factor of the marketing mix, but getting it right is the toughest part for any business. An easy way out is to study your competition and set the pricing at the same level. Unfortunately, this idea will only work if your competitor has thoroughly worked on its pricing.
How Redesigning Your Cosmetic Boxes Can Affect Your Brand?
The best option would be to carve a solution that can help reduce your packaging cost, so you can cut your selling price and make your personal care and beauty products available at much lower prices than the competitors. Or simply develop premium custom cosmetic boxes to sell your product at a high price. The superior quality will create higher perceived value by sending the message to prospective buyers that the encased product is more valuable.

Switch to Right Packaging Size

Smart retailers calculate every inch of the space a cosmetic product occupies on their shelves, so they can determine the revenue each item can generate per square inch. This means if you are using large cosmetic boxes to grab your customers’ attention, you might be occupying shelf space that a retailer could use to accommodate two other products, which together generates more profit.
How Redesigning Your Cosmetic Boxes Can Affect Your Brand?
Bearing this in mind, one should find out which packaging size will best meet your retailers’ expectations when it comes to generating profits based on shelf space. Once you’ll figure that out, you can always share the details with your packaging partner to get their input. Expert packaging companies like The Legacy Printing can suggest you best packaging solutions that’ll fulfill your business goals and live up to your retailers’ expectations as well.

Attracting Green Consumers

If you are switching to green or eco-friendly packaging, you can use it to your advantage and grab a huge market share by advertising this. It will sway environmentally conscious customers to buy your products because they love brands that are more socially responsible. But before you take the big leap, it’s vital to conduct a survey and review your customer demographics. This will allow you to determine whether going green will help you see more sales or not. Because jumping in blindly means you are setting up yourself for failure. We hope the aforementioned results would enable you to make a decision that you won’t regret.


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